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  1. question about subscribing to groups requiring e-mails. I use the groups to identify my prospects as well. I don’t always have e-mail address for them. Can an admin override that? If not it’s really going to screw up my system.

    1. Becci,

      I first want to clarify that the update mentioned in this post is related to requiring Custom Forms to include an email address field for Forms that add someone to a user group. These updates are also specific only to our latest version of Tendenci. None of the updates mentioned relate to previous versions of Tendenci software (versions 1-4).

      Tendenci 5 requires an email address in order to create a new user profile, and this was implemented because our client site administrators requested the that their members and users could automatically change their passwords and request forgotten passwords. This lightened website admins’ workloads by emailing the members/users directly without manual assistance from an admin.

      To answer your question in general: Tendenci 5 site admins can add new users and add them to groups without knowing their email address. You would simply add the user’s information you did have, fill in a fake email address, select to not have the user receive email, and then set their status to non-interactive.

      This would create a user who did not have login capabilities and would not be set to receive email addresses.

      Thanks for your question – we will follow up with you via email next week and answer any other questions specific to BABCHouston’s website that you might have.
      ~Sarah M Worthy

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