Tendenci updates on their way: New password procedures coming soon!

Well, we’re at it again!  As always, Security remains our top priority and the Tendenci team has been working on ways to maintain that Security to keep your site and members information safe and sound.  For the most part you won’t feel a thing, but here are some changes you might notice:

1. Passwords can no longer be emailed out – Emailing passwords is less than awesome in our book, as not all email servers hold the same level of security.  So while your passwords are always secure on OUR servers, if your email is passed to a not-so-secure email server it has the potential to be compromised.  And we don’t dig that at all.  (Skip down to #2 to see how your site will be handling forgotten passwords)

2. Forgot your password?  Make a new one! – In the past, if you forgot your password Tendenci would simply email it to you.  But now we are putting a new system in place and will send a registered User an email with a link to reset their password on the site.  Security first! 

These Tendenci updates are not currently live, but expect to see them early this week.  We’ll give you a heads up on the Tendenci Blog when the update is complete and look to you to leave us comments and suggestions.