Thankful for those Texans! #BullsOnParade

When I was a little girl, my Grandpa would sit in front of the TV screen and yell. It was the 90s and he was a Houston Oilers fan. I never understood his obsession with needing to see every hit and down of the game…


…until now.


Last fall (2011) I was still living with my folks and every Sunday after church we’d all eat lunch and end up watching the Houston Texans play all afternoon. Not every game was pretty or a win… but every game was clean, played honorably. Over time it became commonplace, as in “We can’t go out for lunch after church…the Texans play at noon.” My mom’s birthday gift was a Texans sweatshirt, see below:


Needless to say, we were hooked. My brother would come over, we’d watch the Texans fight hard on the field and then we’d all go biking together.

This was one of our short rides in April called the MS150 🙂


The Texans,  who entered the league in 2002, had never made the playoffs in our nine season history.  But in 2011 we made history  after clinching the South Division title and qualifying as the AFC’s third seed. We beat the Bengals, but lost to the Ravens. We were all extremely proud of our team and what they accomplished that year.

The 2012 season has been another season for making records. We are 8-1 for the first time in franchise history. My love for them has only grown. I do have a special love for a few key defensive players: Brian Cushing & JJ Watt. The only reason I need to give is: watch them play, you’ll understand.  Unfortunately, Brian Cushing hurt his ACL during the Jets game earlier this season (a curse on the Jets for eternity…) and he will be out the rest of this season. He’s had a great attitude about it and supports his team through this tough time.

…Can we all take a moment of silence for Brian’s ACL.


Two Sunday’s ago I had the distinct honor and privilege to attend my first Texans game. Big thanks to Jennie Lane 🙂

#babysfirsttexansgame #isthisreallife #wheresbriancushing


I am thankful to the Texans for giving my family something to enjoy together, giving our city something to support together and giving me a better understanding of “overcoming adversity.” (Except for Aaron Rodgers, because he plays football like Jesus.)

Enjoy these little tidbits of joy from my favorite players!

He’s very… confident.

It’s probably true…

Our defense really is something special. Bulls on Parade!