Thanks for 12 great years!

Schipul birthday party #12!

Time to blow out those candles, Schipul is turning 12 years old today!   Thanks for all the love, awesome clients and Schipul pals.   You mean the world to us.

Want to eat some cake with us?   Join us in a couple of months for our   SchipulCon cocktail party to celebrate!   We’ll have live music, munchies, great wine from Israeli Wine, tequila from the one and only One Shot and fantastic Saint Arnold’s beer — all at the Houston Zoo!!

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  1. Happy birthday, dear Schipul, happy birthday to you! Glad that Safety Vision has been along (not to be confused with @along) for a good leg of the journey: The first Web site we collaborated on went "live in O-five"! Many cupcakes ago…

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