The 2012 Django Dash is This Weekend!

We are happy to be sponsoring and participating in the 2012 Django Dash!

What is Django Dash?

The Django Dash is a 48 hour code marathon starting tonight at 7pm CST where teams compete to produce the best app they can in 48 hours! The winners get prizes from the sponsors (including Tendenci)! We’re supplying $100 gift cards to the top three teams.

The Rules:

  1. Majority in Django
  2. Nothing Gets Built Ahead Of Time
  3. 48 Hours To Build
  4. Max Team Of 3
  5. Your Choice Of Git Or Mercurial
  6. Your Entry Is Open Source
  7. Any Third Party Code Is Fine (But Affects Your Score)
  8. You Must Use Pip Requirements Or Buildout

Our experience last year

We competed last year, our first year ever; with a team made up of Glen, Luke, and myself (Eloy). We built a blogging platform specifically for coders. The niche idea being that we can easily reference code blocks using short codes. This means we spend less time writing blog posts, and more time sharing anecdotal code discoveries.

It’s hard to believe that the project has lasted the full year and is still receiving updates regularly.

Last year’s experience could best be summed up as fast and fun. Imagine developing but without the meetings, without constant interruptions, and without having the roadblock of approval. Ideas flowing and tangible features being created in minutes. It’s this for 48 hours straight with the occasional break for eating, sleeping, and … other things.

What you come out with, is a product; ideally mostly finished. Not just a conversation, or a thought, but an actual product. That in itself is worth celebrating. A weekend that can easily be filed under productive.

The freedom of developing for fun and not to pay to the bills. The reason you originally started developing; you remember when all you wanted to do was create.

Look for our Team This Year!

Our team this year will be made up of Jenny, JMO and myself (Eloy). Our team name is Jeff Goldblum and we won’t share what we’re building just yet. Check out our progress on

More on Django Dash!

Whether you’ll be coding through it or not, follow the latest from Django Dash by following @Tendenci on Twitter and the hashtag #djangodash and on