The Time to Hesitate is Through

In the 1995 film, Empire Records, the character Lucas states a lyric from The Doors, ‘the time to hesitate is through.”   That phrase has stuck with me until today.

I used that lyric as my senior quote next to my high school yearbook picture.   Up until then I just did was I was told, went with the flow, tried to not rock-the-boat.   But when that quote was in print next to my picture, it changed my perspective on living by the book.

It was one line, in one movie, that made me change my perspective and go after everything I ever wanted in life.   I embraced it and never looked back.   I went to college and became involved in just about every activity possible; except for sports (I was never good at sports).

I learned that to hesitate was just to let the world pass you by instead of jumping in head first and going for all the world has to offer.

So my thanks go to The Doors, for their wonderful songwriting and to the writers of Empire Records, for putting that one lyric, in that one movie, so that one day when I saw it, my time for hesitation was through.

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