Schipul Reviews The Social Network

It’s not often we get to talk about Hollywood here at the Official Schipul Blog. However, with the release of The Social Network, we’re rolling out the red carpet, and grabbing a bowl of popcorn (with extra butter, natch)!

The Social Network

The Social Network, aka “The Facebook Movie”, is based on The Accidental Billionaires by Ben Mezrich. Mezrich is most famous for writing the book Bringing Down the House, which inspired the movie 21 about a group of MIT students who take Vegas to the tune of $3 million. So, yeah, Mezrich knows high drama in the palaces of higher education.

Original Facebook

I saw the movie Friday night with the lovely, Caitlin Kaluza, and we  made for an interesting dichotomy of Facebook users. Caitlin is one of the lucky folks to have actually used (pictured above). I didn’t start using it until shortly after it was opened up to the general public. One of the interesting aspects of watching The Social Network is freshness of its history, the “I remember when . . .” moments.

In the end, this is where the rubber meets the road in The Social Network. It is a fast paced, intelligent, humorous romp through the history of Facebook. The payoff is going to be in the conversations the movie is sure to start amongst your friends. Indeed, I am anxious for more of my friends to watch it to hear their reactions, share their stories. I’m also fairly certain that I will be back in a theater to watch it again soon.

A lot of talk is being made about The Social Network being the “movie of a generation.”

It’s not.

It is a movie about the idea that is currently defining a generation. The Breakfast Club and Pretty in Pink defined a generation, and The Social Network does not compare. However, The Social Network will go down as one of the best films of 2010, and that is a distinction I feel it carries incredibly well.  By my count, I see at least 5 Oscar nominations for the film: Best Picture, Best Actor (Jesse Eisenberg as Mark Zuckerberg), Best Director (David Fincher), Best Adapted Screenplay (Aaron Sorkin) and Best Score (Trent Renzor). Any more than that will be a based on whether the Academy deems this the “it” movie of the year. As for actual wins? Eh, it’s really too early to call, but I would like to see how a showdown between The Social Network and Inception plays out this Oscar Season.

In the meantime, please excuse me, I need to go share this link on my Facebook.

9 Replies to “Schipul Reviews The Social Network”

  1. i thought the movie was great. I used when I was a sophomore in college too. I loved seeing the back story, and then reading about other people's opinions after, and learning more about the V brothers and investment partners. And you left out Justin Timberlake! I thought he was fabulous!

  2. Thanks for being my date! I remember when Facebook had a "recently added schools" list on the homepage, and when Texas A&M got added to the list. It's sort of surreal that these events happened so recently.

    And beyond that – the directing, acting, dialog, and story are so fantastic. I loved it.

  3. It is unreal to see this "once in a generation" type of wow-thing. The facebook revolution happened THIS decade. Like I was in my twenties when it happened. And I'm STILL in my twenties and it's still happening. I want to watch this movie everyday.

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