Thirty Days of Thanks

thankfulWe cannot believe November is already here!! 2009 has really flown for the Schipul crew.

To celebrate this month, we want to thank everyone who has helped us along the way… one post at a time!! We’ll be posting daily thank you notes to the people (and things) that have both supported and inspired us through the years. We’ll be issuing shout outs to everyone from our awesome Schipul friends to our awesome alma maters.

Get ready for some fun!!

To kick off our Thirty Days of Thankful project, we want to thank our amazing clients. They are an eclectic bunch and we would not be who we are without them. We will be featuring some of them in the following weeks but we wanted to start by thanking them as a whole.

We love y’all!!

14 Replies to “Thirty Days of Thanks”

  1. Love our incredible SEO and SEM clients. Many thanks from the Search Engine Marketing Team! Thank YOU.

  2. Thanks to the fantastic clients we get to work with everyday, my life is NEVER EVER EVER boring. And that's pretty awesome 🙂 Love you guys!

  3. Clients make me Happy, I can honestly say I enjoy helping people succeed online and with technology, thanks for making it possible for me to LOVE my job!

  4. We really do get to work with some great people… THANKS A MILLION!

  5. We truly are thankful for our amazing clients! I agree with Albert…it's the clients that make this job worth wild! THANK YOU!

  6. If it weren't for the awesome clients, my job wouldn't be nearly as fulfilling. THANK YOU all!

  7. Thank you to all our awesome clients!! Wouldn't be here withoutchya!

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