Thirty Days of Thanks – LOL Cats

thanksgiving hands lolcatIn this month of thanks, I want to shout from the rooftop that I am thankful for LOL cats.

As a self proclaimed crazy cat lady, this subject is near and dear to my heart. I grew up with felines in my house, and I’ve been a proud cat owner myself since last year, when I adopted my cat Victoria Beckham from the Dallas cat rescue group Feral Friends (catch them tweeting as @feralfriends). This year, we doubled our cat residency and adopted a kitten we named Aeris (if you’re super geeky, you might understand the video game reference in her name).

If I could, I would attempt to save all of them. Believe me. But my apartment just isn’t big enough.

Cats are both hilarious and quirky, and somehow have captured the hearts of internet nerds everywhere with the advent of the site If you’re unfamiliar with how it works, here is the basic process:

  1. Start with a ridiculously cute picture of a cat or similarly adorable animal
  2. Add a funny caption (in large obnoxious Impact font, using “LOLspeak” – incorporating obnoxious internet abbreviations)
  3. Still confused? See example above

ICHC gets over 2,000 submissions per day from members using the LOL Builder – and features the best of the best on their homepage… all of which are hilarious.

There are lots of kitty content creators out there – and many of them are very tech savvy, like programmer Kimberly Nixon and her tweeting RFID cat door. I myself ghostwrite on Twitter for my cat (@kittentweet), who embarrassingly enough had way more followers than me until recently. Talk about niche communities online – the tweeting cats community is a tight one who loves to promote each other and share advice on pet care.

Here at Schipul, LOLcats are staples in office emails, they are seen printed out on people’s desks for inspiration, make appearances in contests on the Schipul blog…   I even dressed as one for Halloween.

qcait and the cats

Sure, Ed may say that we are officially a “dog company” (whatever that means), but there are many of us who simply get a kick out of an adorable feline. What about you? Whose side are you on?

Love LOLcats? Spread the love with local Houston animal friends –

4 Replies to “Thirty Days of Thanks – LOL Cats”

  1. LOL cats makes my day every day. Even though I would say that I am more of a dog person, I still love cats and these literally make me LOL.

  2. Watching a cat nap in the same spot for an entire day – usually on my pillow – makes be agree with the Egyptians that cats descended from the Gods… they definitely have the attitude to match.

  3. I don't what we would do with out the cats! we would probably be forced to talk to each other instead of about them…

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