Thirty Days of Thanks – Starbucks: Good on so Many Levels

s1We all know that Starbucks is known for their great coffee. But did you also know that Starbucks has a big heart too?

I am thankful to Starbucks for their community involvement and their great coffee concoctions.

For starters, the company has a foundation called The Starbucks Foundation. The purpose of this is to give back to the communities where the company does business. The focus for this foundation ranges from literacy problems to water issues to social investment projects.

Starbucks also has a passion for letting their customers’ voices be heard. They have a site called MyStarbucksIdea. The purpose of this site is to let the community voice their opinions, have a conversation about Starbucks, and comment on other peoples opinions. Considering the popularity of social sites today, many companies are realizing that they need to get the conversation going about their company. Starbucks has not only done this, but they are doing it through their own website.

Some of the great ideas that have come from the community through this site are; discounted shipping to military bases, a Starbucks iPhone App, and Eco-friendly card balance checking. These are just a few of many ideas that have come from the loyal Starbucks drinkers around the world.

Besides their do-good attitude and work ethic, Starbucks makes a great cup of s2coffee! And no matter your taste, they’ve got you covered. My personal Starbucks coffee you ask? The ‘Peppermint Mocha – add an extra shot, no whip‘. This is the best pick-me-up to help me get my day going, or to enjoy on a lazy Saturday lounging around the house. Not only does it have the ever important Espresso, but it also has Peppermint flavoring, which is a natural pick-me-up.

Most people know that this great drink is available starting early November (this week to be exact).  But did you know that you can get a great Peppermint flavored drink at Starbucks year round?!

When it is too hot in the summer for a steamy beverage, I just add one word to my order; Frappuccino. Yes, that’s right, in the summer months my order is a ‘Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino, add an extra shot, no whip’. This is a blended version is my staple Starbucks drink.

Without the Peppermint Mocha, I would not make it through many days. It puts a pep in my step, a smile on my face, and wide eyed peppermint goodness in my mind!

Thank you Starbucks for your love of the community, the ideas of all, and Peppermint!

You tell me, what Starbucks drink are YOU most thankful for?

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  1. Peppermint mocha is my favorite drink, too! One small addition to mine… extra whip. Aka my favorite part!

  2. YUUUUMMMM!!!! I love peppermint mocha too!!! The only thing I love better than some tasty peppermint action is almond, which SBux used to have all year round, but now they tell me it's a 'seasonal' flavor. Really? Oh well, peppermint it is…

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