Thirty Days of Thanks – YOU!


This month, the Schipul crew has taken a look at some of the things we are thankful for with our 30 Days of Thanks series – and boy did we get a WIDE variety!!  At the end of a month dedicated to introspection and family, we are left feeling more blessed than ever.

Our final shout out for our 30 Days of Thanks is to YOU! Whether you are a client, a local  Community member, part of the Schipul tribe or just stopping by to see what’s happenin’,  we are glad you are here and part of our lives.

At our company, we put a lot of focus on Storytelling – both online and offline.  One of the most crucial components of any Story are the diverse characters that we interact with.  The greater the variety and the depth of the interactions between characters, the more interesting and exciting the Story.

Without you, we’d just be a group of nerds tapping away at our keyboards.  With you in our world, we’re constantly growing, connecting, networking, learning and pushing ourselves in any way we can.

Thanks for being you and thanks being a part of our tribe.  Lots of warm fuzzies from the Schipulites.  We think you’re pretty swell.

Photo thanks to Flickr user chrisjohnbeckett