Travel Tips for Overseas Trips from a real true “G”

First things first, if you do not consider yourself a “G” (in this case a Geek) and you’re planning a trip outside of the United States you need to start off by recruiting one.

If you’re planning a destination wedding to some beautiful Caribbean island you might look to a younger brother that knows a good travel agent to get you started. If your little brother is a real true “G” he will also make sure everyone checks in online for the flight and receives their boarding pass directly to their  smart phone , the hotel will have free wi-fi and there will be at least one laptop available for checking email.

On a South American trip with your old college roommates you should look for a “G” who has the “hook-up” on plane tickets and will look online for the passport and visa requirements for that particular country. You’ll know your friend has fulfilled his or her duties once he or she shows up with a back pack on that carries cameras, wallets and might even charge cell phones.

If  neither one of the previous scenarios fit your particular need you may also consider the following

Make sure your phone has an international plan

For the Sprint users you can find out more on Sprint’s International Plans here:

For those trendy iPhoners you may want to read up on ATT’s global guidelines here:

Typical international plans are usually about an extra $4.00/month and could save you hundreds in the long run.

Walkie talkies

Do you remember the phrase “two way radio”. With all of the Google phones, Blackberries and iPhones in the world it seemed like the days of the Walkie Talkie were over.

Well think again, in a country that has limited cell phone service the Walkie Talkie can be a great communication device to keep track of friends who may have wandered off on the beach or got lost in the local terrain.

Your local Wal Mart should have a good selection of Walkie Talkies for you to choose from.

USTREAM is a website and platform that allows anyone with a webcam and the internet to broadcast live from anywhere in the world. This is great if you want to share your vacation with those friends and family members who bailed out at the last minute.

You can also USTREAM live from your mobile device if you have the right mobile device

Duct tape Passport Holder

Hold up to 5 credit cards/id’s plus your passport and favorite writing pen with this geeky passport holder

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