9 Replies to “Trend Tuesday: Reviewing the iPad on an iPad”

  1. Thanks for the review, very informative) iPad is really a great gadget, I agree with you. Certainly it`s not everything you need, but as you`ve said this device covers most activities you need during the day and so can be very helpful for everyone, especially if you`ve got extra $1000 in your pocket;)

  2. The impact this product will have on the electronic world is enormous. It will give us a somewhat bigger excuse to waste time messing around on the cyberspace. I would be lured to purchase the iPad if it cleaned up my room and did my laundry!

  3. I can not imagine I still don’t have a new Apple iphone. One of these years I am going to have to be a part of the twenty-first century. These products appear like they’re just entirely awesome.

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