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  1. As someone who (innocently, really…just ask Fayza) made this mistake last week – thanks and great job! In regards to timing…it was just a little late for me. Who knew that sarcasm + hastags could get you in twitter trouble…

  2. Great post (and thanks so much for mentioning / following me).

    A quick note about connecting with / following people/events via Twitter (and ultimately live-blogging, as I was doing) is that on the opposite end, I find that reporting about events like Personal Democracy Forum is a really great service for everyone involved.

    Firstly, it's helpful to those who put on the event because it helps to – as happened in this case – trend the event in various monitoring services (Twitter being the top, of course) and brings extra attention to these goings-on, which typically take a lot of time, energy and money to put on.

    Next, as an attendee, it helps one (if this is how one's mind works, of course) focus on key trends and themes throughout the panels and seminars. It also gives an excuse to start a conversation with / ask permission to photograph & record nearly anyone. While live-blogging, I've never been turned down for an interview or extra conversation. It also encourages the live-blogger / Tweeter to do follow-up research on the topics at hand (so that copy can be contextualized by way of more information and/or links). And when the event does trend / come to the attention of a bigger audience, it helps the live-reporter make content-based virtual connections.

    Finally, it helps folks in your position to learn more about events they cannot attend. Sure – a lot of people are hash-tagging these events in order to connect with each other, but very few are trying to report the whole event in detail. Those few folks who actually are reporting the event are helping to cast a bigger broadcast net so that those who can't be there are able to catch substantial bits and pieces from afar.

    Finally (part 2) – if you have not yet read Clay's book "Here Comes Everybody," do so now.

    Thanks so, so much for following.

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