Update- Bringing Sites Live That Were Affected By DDoS Attack

We have started the process of bringing sites that were affected by the recent DDoS attack back online with limited functionality.

So far we have successfully restored 10% of the sites that were taken out by this attack. We will continue to bring sites online today.

Currently, sites that are being brought up have limitations in sending email, making updates through the wysiwig editor, and exports/imports.  We are working on secure solutions for those functionalities and will have them working as soon as possible.

The Tendenci team has been individually contacting clients as their sites are ready for review.

We are still fighting through configuration errors on a few of the development sites and are contacting those clients to let them know we are working to fix these errors. Our team is working on a script to replace absolute links with relative links on sites which will correct linkage breaking issues. This should enable us to bring many more of the sites back up online.

If you have not yet heard from one of our team members and have questions on the status of your site, please submit a ticket at helpdesk.tendenci.com or email communications@tendenci.com.