Update: Recent Network Outage

We continue to push forward through the recent DDoS attacks that have impacted approximately 40 of our clients on the legacy T4 software.

We understand how much this effects our T4 clients and are doing everything in our power to bring them back up in a secure environment as fast as possible.We have been working to bring the T4 software and clients who have been affected on an upgraded version of the windows environment, which will provide greater security moving forward.  Our priority is to bring the sites back up securely as the DDoS was caused by a targeted attack on the systems.

We apologize this has taken longer to resolve than initially anticipated. We continue to work to bring affected sites back up Friday, however, it maybe the beginning of next week before all disrupted sites are back up.

We take this situation very seriously and are learning how we can better serve you in the future from it. We know we have lost a lot of the trust that we greatly value in the Tendenci community and continue to do everything we can to get all websites back up as quickly as possible.