Update: Work Continues to Restore Systems and Websites

The Tendenci team is continuing to work to restore our systems and get websites affected by this week’s DDoS attack back up. We are taking this issue very seriously and have mobilized all available resources to address it. We are sorry this was not accomplished for all affected sites by the end of the work week
as we had anticipated. Our team will continue to work through the weekend to resolve this.

For the websites we control, we are getting landing pages up. For those who have websites we do not control, we are sending records to update ip address, as we lack access to do so.

Please contact us through helpdesk.tendenci.com if any of the contact info on your landing page needs to be updated.

As we work through this, we are learning how we can improve our systems, our protocols, our response procedures and our communication to prevent a similar occurrence in the future. It has taken too long to restore our systems and get all affected websites back up. We are sorry. This is unacceptable and embarrassing. We promise to do everything we can to get all websites back up as quickly as possible.