Updated calendar events view (live on your site now)!

One of our most frequently used Tendenci features is online event registration.  After all, that is the power of the Internet – growing connections and relationships in both the digital and the 'real' world.

But events are not simple creatures; you have speakers, venues, presentation details, maps, pricing levels and many more levels of complexity.

So next time your visitors are registering for an event on a Tendenci Web site, they will breathe a sigh of relief.  We've made some significant changes in the way your event information is viewed to give your brain a rest and to ensure that you don't miss a thing.

The format for adding and editing your calendar events remains the same, but you'll like the new end result!

Event page tabs
Your Tendenci calendar event's information is now broken down into separate tabs, making it easier than ever for your attendees to find the information they need.  The print view, however, will bring all of your event information into one page.Tabs Automatically created Google Map
Getting there is half the fun!  Your 'Location' tab not only provides your venue address, phone number and Web site address – but pops up an automatically generated map to provide an extra visual for attendees on the go.

Stronger 'Register' call to action
No more digging around for that 'Register Now' button, your registration's call to action is noticeable and easy to find.