Updates are done – new functionality

Hey guys –

We finished the latest round of updates late yesterday afternoon.  Time got away from me so I’m just now getting a chance to create this post.

New features:

Collasable Form: So far we’ve only added this feature to the search pages in articles and users. When you view the page, it looks like normal.  When you enter search criteria and submit the form, the form fields are hidden.  This serves two purposes.  One, it shows an obvious result page, and two, it brings the content up on thep age.  See the Articles module on Schipul for an example, https://www.tendenci.com/en/articles/search.asp

Here’s a link that shows a submitted search for "marketing" articles.  Notice that the form fields do not display, https://www.tendenci.com/en/articles/search.asp?category=&searchcriteria=body&searchtext=marketing&submit=Submit

WYSIWYG editor:  Many of you have noticed that this update includes a new WYSIWYG editor.  I know, you just got used to the other one, right?  Well, this one is a better product, or so they say.  We seem to think so but you’ll be the ultimate judge.  More to come on specific details of the new editor in a separate post.