updates pending

To the clients on the shared T4 server. Today is the day we committed to having some form of access to you. We’ll have a more detailed and less technical communication update coming shortly.

While we remain optimistic, given our own internal scans of the sites when brought online, we are engaging yet another provider to enable a sixth possible solution by converting the databases to Postgresql.

You will need a Postgres database viewing tool such as the free cross platform PGAdmin utility from Postgres. http://www.pgadmin.org/screenshots/

Again – a less technical update will be posted by the communications team. As for the sites themselves, the remaining elements are technical and security based only. There is no point it opening the IP address if we know the server would be vulnerable to another attack and possibly risk exposing data. This is a team effort that is causing significant damage to our company, but it will NOT stop until you have your sites back.