Use Google Analytics for web site reporting!

Deepmetrix, the authors of the web statistic reporting software, has been acquired by Microsoft and they have announced the end of life for the product which will no longer be supported. We will continue to run the DeepMetrix software for as long as it is compatible with a fully patched and secure operating system although it could stop working without notice and data may or may not be retrievable. For those clients who use the Deepmetrix system, we would like to recommend using Google Analytics as a reporting tool if you are not already. The following steps must be done in order to begin use of Google Analytics.

  1. Signup for a Google Account
  2. Send Schipul the embed code given so we can add this to the template of your web site. The data will be tracked from the time the code is installed.
  3. *Please check with the Schipul support team to see if you already have the Analytics code installed if you are unsure. Adding new code will start tracking over and all previous reports will be lost!

When using Google Analytics as your reporting tool, please note the difference in reports that you will be seeing compared to Deepmetrix. Deepmetrix tracks more information and bigger numbers because cookies aren’t necessary to create a statistic. The negative to that is bots and spiders are counted as traffic which will inflate your numbers, but if you’re looking at trends that won’t matter because bots and spiders are pretty consistent.

Google is closer to real user traffic though it could miss some valid site visitors. Again, if you look at over all trends the slight difference this missed traffic makes is minimal.

I hope this information is useful. If you have questions you can contact the Schipul Support team at 281.497.6567 ext.411.

Thanks and happy reporting!