Deal Alert! A Geek’s Guide to Vacation Deals

I use all kinds of web tools to keep me updated on the things I need to know about – if it’s hitting the web, it will likely grace my RSS reader, Twitter, Facebook news feed, or be sent to me via Gchat from a coworker.

So why not use those same tools to help plan your vacation? Stay up to date on Travel deals and all the best from the cities you visit by following these feeds, tweets, and generally geeky online resources!

And if I left any out – let me know in the comments!!

Travel Tweets!

  • @flyfromHOU is primarily updated by an API that auto tweets every time a fare price is down from the average. But there is also a team behind the magic giving the inside scoop on travel tips. There are accounts like @flyfromHOU for most major cities, all linked from
  • is not only a great deal comparison site – they have a great Twitter account too @kayak. Content includes great posts like top 5 cities to celebrate 4th of July, tips for making international phone calls, guide to summer music festivals, and (my favorite) a sneak peak at Harry Potter World a week before it opened.
  • When Southwest Airlines is having a fare special, they are sure to post it on Twitter ~ don’t miss out! Follow @SouthwestAir for the latest on fare sales! Or add Southwest’s DING! widget to your desktop to alert you of great fares.

Alerts – Feed your Travel Bug

  • allows you to set up automatic notifications any time the price of a flight to city X goes below Y dollar amount.  To get started, log in and click “Set up Destination Alerts” and add those far away cities you’ve been meaning to visit!
  • My favorite of all favorite newsletters Daily Candy feeds your inbox with “the latest in fashion, food, and fun.” Subscribe to the newsletter for your city (there is a Dallas newsletter, but sadly Houston is left out), or subscribe to the general newsletter and choose which topics you want to see (Travel, Deals, Weddings, City based, for kids, etc. etc. etc.). DailyCandy spotlights unique travel destinations, tips for saving money away from home, and offers special deals to their subscribers.

What about Staycation deals?

My favorite sources for Houston deals are @HOUCheap and @htowncheapeats. Follow both for the ultimate in food, drink, and play specials in Houston!

Travel on!

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