Welcome the Newest Schipulite: Ben


My name is Ben Gillin, I am what they would call one of the “Schipul New Guys”.

To be called “Schipul New Guy” is to be something that is desired by many but only obtained by few. In essence “New Guy” is a status symbol in itself. This is best compared to wearing a custom diamond encrusted grill handcrafted at Sharpstown Mall, not everyone has one but everyone wants one. You get the point. Since becoming a Schipulite (Schipul vernacular for being one with the tribe) I have learned that Ed loves Click Pens and LolCats and that everyone at Schipul goes out of their way to nurture his love for these two guilty pleasures.

Enough about those people. Who is this Ben Gillin Character?

Some might say that I am Awesome, that I like the Ninja Turtles or that I listen to gangster rap and while all of those things are true, they barely scrape the surface of who I am as a human. A few characteristics that people describe me as would be as follows; Handsome, Bearded, Childlike, Manly, Funny, Married, Entertaining, Talented and some would venture to say Huggable.

Ben Gillin's First Day
Ben Gillin's First Day

On a serious note I am a new graphic designer at Schipul and am really excited to be here. As of November 1, 2009 I celebrated my one-monthary as a Schipulite and look forward to a few more of those, at least a couple hundred of them. I thoroughly enjoy all things creative and try to dabble in as many activities as I can get my hands into. My most recent creative outlet is a little project called Twetches, where Twitter meets Sketching you should go check it out and hopefully get a chuckle out of it. I love shooting photos, design, sketching and the occasional video project. I also like to give my two cents worth about a world of randomness on Twitter and occasionally on my blog. You can also be my friend on Facebook if that would float your boat.

To wrap up this stream of consciousness, I just want to give a big shout out to Schipul and say THANKS FOR HAVING ME!



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  1. "Love, Ben"
    That was just too cute. We are so happy to have you on the team Ben!

  2. Welcome to the (Schipul) jungle Ben. I'm all 'Twetch-y' with excitement. And if that sounded half as weird as it did in my head… well, there you go. Welcome.


  3. Great n00bie post, Ben: Fun stuff! And congrats: glad that you found Schipul and vicey versey. (Confession: I have a pencup with no-less-than seven fat blue Schipul clickpens on my desk. Apparently I share Ed's guilty pleasure, to the point of apparent filchery: I couldn't stop at one!) 🙂

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