Google’s Open Social – Good News for Tendenci!

Techcrunch pre-announced Google’s Open Social social software developer APIs today. This is very good news for Tendenci and a lot of other software companies! To explain.

Tendenci has always been written distributed. We have lots of small sites and they do not authenticate against one common source. This distribution is modeled after other fault tolerant systems to function best on a very hostile Internet. And is of course in addition to backups, etc. Nothing is fool proof, but this is a common sense start for the benefit of our clients.

Unfortunately distribution brings with it a set of problems. I am registered on Tendenci, the Houston Technology Center, The Houston Red Cross, etc etc and they are all Tendenci sites. Yet my "friends" list on each site has to be recreated each time and it doesn’t mirror vox, or linkedin or facebook anyway. What a pain! In fact, I just don’t bother.

From the Techcrunch post:

OpenSocial is a set of three common APIs, defined
by Google with input from partners, that allow developers to access core
functions and information at social networks:

  1. Profile Information (user data) (Tendenci users and userprofiles)
  2. Friends Information (social graph) (Tendenci contacts table)
  3.  Activities (things that happen, News Feed type stuff) (Tendenci eventlogs and authors table)

So the question is "on release can we really just connect Tendenci to Open Social?". Well it won’t completely be THAT easy, but pretty close. We already use third party authentication services and integrate with numerous vendors through an XML data interchange. And we won’t really know until we get to sink our teeth into the Open Social API. But right now it looks very promising. More as we learn more!


Schipul office Internet line cut due to construction – call us!

Need to talk to Schipul today?  Call us at (281) 497.6567!

Construction outside of our building has cut our Internet line, which means that the Schipul office email and Web access is down.                                    

Your live Web site and email accounts are live and well
– they are hosted off-site at Vericenter and are unaffected by this outage.

If you have a development Web site, you are currently unable to work on  it until our Internet connection situation is resolved.   Check back here on the Tendenci Blog for Internet connection updates later today.

We are here for you!  Just give us a call at (281) 497. 6567!
Many thanks for your patience and your business,
The Schipul Team

Web Services Fully Restored

The earlier distributed denial of service (ddos) attack has been thwarted.  To help reduce the chances of web services being affected by such attacks in the future Schipul has added more redundant name servers to the network.  If we have access to your registrar we have made these updates for you.  If we don’t have access to your registrar please add the new name servers, as primary NS2.DNSPARK.NET, and NS4.DNSPARK.NET as your third name server.

If you are able to list all five the sequence should be NS2.DNSPARK.NET, NS1.DNSPARK.NET, NS4.DNSPARK.NET, NS3.DNSPARK.NET, and NS5.DNSPARK.NET.

Web Site Access Interupted by Denial of Service Attack

Currently our DNS servers are experiencing a denial of service attack. We are working with our 3 colocation facilities to quickly resolve the issue.

Thanks for your patience.

Development Sites Scheduled Outage Today (June 3)

Alert: Development Sites Down
Date: Saturday June 3, 2006
Duration: up to 10 hours starting at 12:00

Today, Saturday June 3, 2006, the development sites will be down for approximately 10 hours. The outage will begin at approximately 12:00 PM CST and last, well, pretty much until the electricians turn the building back on.

Tendenci web sites and emails will not be affected (those are of course at a hosting facility).



SEM Newsletter Posted to!

The 1st Edition of the Schipul Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Newsletter has been posted to

Check it out!  Schipul Search Engine Marketing Newsletter


Katie T

New RSS Updates with XSL (pretty stuff) View for Humans

TendencirssindexscreencapNew RSS Icons and more prominent OPML links are live on all servers over the weekend.  Easier "add to reader" links and style sheets applied to the feeds to make them prettier when an unsuspecting user clicks on them.

The screen image on the right is from, one of our long time Tendenci clients.

If you aren’t familiar with RSS and using it personally, I still like the best as a web based reader. Free so check it out.

The RSS feed links for your individual site should be linked in the footer, maybe the nav (varies by site) and definitely at /en/rss/index/ on all sites.



Tendenci now supports PayPal!

Tendenci_1Great news – with the last March Tendenci update we integrated the use of PayPal for online credit card processing.

If interested in setting up Pay Pal on your Tendenci site click here:

Title tag in calendar monthly view

Small usability tweak in calendar events using the title element in the Anchor tag to make it easier to scan the monthly view. This example is from The Web Analytics Association Calendar.


Welcome to the Tendenci support blog!

Welcome to Tendenci’s official support blog!

We are excited to let you know about our Tendenci software updates and new features. 

As we add, polish and refine the Tendenci platform, we want you to know immediately.  This blog will provide an easily way for us to keep in touch with you.

But don’t forget that we want to hear from you too!  Feel free to comment or, better yet, call or email us and we can discuss any questions or suggestions that you may have to make your Tendenci-user experience an even stronger one.