The Society of Petroleum Engineers – Gulf Coast Section Upgrades to the Latest Version of Tendenci to Support Their Growing Network

 The most active section of SPE International, SPE-GCS has recently upgraded to the latest version of Tendenci software, relying on the feature-rich Tendenci Association Management System (AMS) to deliver a dynamic, responsive online community that serves their members with timely information on events and webinars hosted by the organization.  

Read more about it here. Cheers!

The Society of Petroleum Engineers – Gulf-Coast Section (SPE-GCS) is an internationally recognized leader within the petroleum industry, providing extensive professional development, networking, and educational opportunities to the Houston and surrounding areas since 1935. 

Mobile is 65% of Digital Time – comScore

Mobile is now 65% of time spent online leaving the Desktop with a paltry 35%.

ComScore has released their report 2016 US Cross-Platform Future in Focus which is summarized on marketingland.

Comscore Mobile App Report Summary

As marketingland states in their article, it’s not that the desktop doesn’t matter given most commerce still happens there. It is just that the buyers or donors started the journey with a search on a mobile device.

For the designers out there it is official that serving the clients means showing them the site on their mobile devices FIRST.

Mobile first design simplifies the information architecture process and focuses the team on outcomes. Focusing on your end users, the people googling your site on their iphone the vast majority of the time, is a success for everyone.

Mobile first changes the question from the ego-driven and outdated mindset of:

“How does my website look on the giant 4k monitor in the conference room?”

to a results oriented view of:

“Does this site reach our audience on their mobile devices effectively?”

Mobile first has been baseline for years. This data just confirms it once again.

Tendenci Responsive Design
Tendenci Mobile First AMS

Note: Tendenci, The Open Source AMS, is fully responsive across all viewports. If you are on an older version of Tendenci (v5 or earlier) we strongly recommend you talk to your developer to upgrade your site.

13 Fantastic and Fresh Mobile Web Resources for 2013

Tendenci Twenty Thirteen Theme Responsive

These days we Schipulites are spending a lot of time talking about, reading about, and developing for the Mobile Web. There is an immense amount of Mobile data out there (88 million Google Results for Responsive Design alone) and it can be difficult to track down the most up to date and useful resources.

We wanted to help by sharing some of our favorite mobile resources that we have been using and sharing in 2013!

13 Mobile Resources for 2013:


Mobile Overview

1. The Mobile Playbook from Google –

The Busy Executive’s Guide to Winning at Mobile. Lots of great stats directly from Google and an easy to use interface.

The Mobile Playbook Mobile Resource from Google

The Local Mobile Customer

2. From SmashingMag – Picking a Mobile Support Strategy for Your Website

This report is from way back in 2011, but it includes some really fantastic basics that still apply for determining your options to implement a mobile website – and the pros and cons of each strategy.

3. Mobile Web Usage Trends You Need to Know in 2013

This 2013 list compiled by HostGator boils down some of the major trends in Mobile Web usage in 2013 – including the trend analysts have been pointing to for years that Mobile Web Traffic will eclipse Desktop Web Traffic as soon as 2014 – and what to do about it!

Comscore Mobile web traffic will surpass desktop in 2014

Mobile Design Challenges4. From Mashable – 5 Pillars of Successful Mobile Design

Great tips for mobile design success – including techniques like Mobile First Design and tips for getting your web app used more.

5. Four Case Studies on Responsive Design

Case Studies that introduce data on before and after implementing Responsive Design. Also, be sure to check out our Tendenci case study on Responsive Design.

Reports and Resources on Mobile SEO

6. Search Engine Land Report: Having Mobile Optimized Content Highly Correlates with more Mobile Search Engine Traffic

7. SEO Moz presentation on Mobile SEO: Good Practices to Maximize Your Mobile SEO

8. Google to Start Implementing Ranking Penalties for Mobile Sites with Errors

Posted on the Google Webmaster Tools Blog just last week (June 11, 2013)

Mobile Errors Effect Search Results

Tools for Designing and Developing Responsive Design

9. Responsinator for Demoing Responsive Design Sites

Visit or you can send a direct link with a specific URL plugged in i.e.

10. Browser Stack helps you test different devices and browsers all at once

Test Your Responsive Design on Multiple Devices and Browsers

11. Responsive Resources – A huge collection of 200+ resources for designing and developing Responsive Design websites.

This exhaustive list is broken down into categories like Strategy, Design Tools, Inspiration, etc. It’s a lot to dig through – check out Mashable’s showcase of their top 10 from the List here

Responsive Resources

Mobile and Tablet Usage and Demographic Stats

12. Flurry publishes great Mobile Usage Statistics on their blog.

My favorite article is from late last year titled: The Truth About Cats and Dogs: Smartphone vs Tablet Usage Statistics. It contains these fantastic visualizations of mobile usage stats:

Mobile vs Tablet vs TV Device Usage by Hour

Mobile Usage by Hour of Day compared to Tablet and TV

Mobile vs. Tablet Usage by Age Demographic

Mobile vs. Tablet Usage by Age Demographic

13.  Pew Research June 2013 Study on Gadget Usage (Mobile, Smartphone, Tablet)

Pew provides up to date data on Mobile usage, including Mobile Usage by Demographics, and activity data on how Americans use their smart phones:

Pew Research Mobile Demographic Stats June 2013

Pew Research Most Popular Mobile Activity

What Mobile Resources do you use that we left out? Share in the comments!