Keeping it simple with ‘News Rivers’

Your Tendenci site is now much more friendly to site visitors using cell phones and other mobile devices, thanks to our newly implemented ‘news rivers‘.

So what are news rivers?  They are simplified versions of your site pages that make it easy to scan and read all of the latest updates on your Web site using a portable device.

To access the news river page on your site visit (ie:  It is a very simple concept, but makes all the difference for a mobile device user – check it out on your Blackberry today! 

A little known fact about Tendenci – OPML

OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language) has been in Tendenci for some time now but is one of the little known pieces of functionality.

So – what is OPML? 

OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language) is an XML format for outlines. Originally developed by Radio UserLand as a native file format for an outliner application, it has since been adopted for other uses, the most common being to exchange lists of RSS feeds between RSS aggregators.

The OPML specification defines an outline as a hierarchical, ordered
list of arbitrary elements. The specification is fairly open which
makes it suitable for many types of list data.

In English:
OPML is a list, much like the grocery list on your kitchen counter, or the to do list on your desk.   In Tendenci, OPML is a list of RSS feeds.

For more on OPML and Tendenci:



Tendenci RSS Feed update brings you more content and graphics

The latest Tendenci update brings you richer RSS feeds for your feed consumption pleasure.

What does this mean?  When you subscribe to an RSS feed, via a free service like Bloglines, your Tendenci feeds now appear with even more content, clearer headlines and include all of your graphics and photos from your online content!

These changes make your content appear even more professional and enticing to your potential Web site visitors and content readers.  Great stuff!

New RSS Updates with XSL (pretty stuff) View for Humans

TendencirssindexscreencapNew RSS Icons and more prominent OPML links are live on all servers over the weekend.  Easier "add to reader" links and style sheets applied to the feeds to make them prettier when an unsuspecting user clicks on them.

The screen image on the right is from, one of our long time Tendenci clients.

If you aren’t familiar with RSS and using it personally, I still like the best as a web based reader. Free so check it out.

The RSS feed links for your individual site should be linked in the footer, maybe the nav (varies by site) and definitely at /en/rss/index/ on all sites.