Server Maintenance Underway – Minor Outages May Occur Tonight (June 6th).

ServersTonight our team will be doing some server diagnostics to keep our servers running smoothly. We take our job of keeping your website fast, secure, and happy and this will allow us to do just that.

You may possibly experience some minor and temporary website disruptions around 6:00 PM CST, but these will quickly pass. We appreciate you business and look forward to many smooth and safe years of Web marketing your organization!

If you have any questions please call our support line at (281) 497-6567 EXT. 411 or email us at

Thanks from the Schipul team!

Schipul internal email access is limited

We have been experiencing difficulties with our exchange server since around 6:00 PM yesterday.  Unfortunately mail sent after that time is possibly lost.  Mail sent after 4:00 AM this morning is in the process of being recovered. 

This only affects email sent to a email address.  All client mail is still up and running smoothly.

We appreciate your cooperation and patience!  Please call the office for assistance, 281.497.6567.


Tenenci router upgrade alert tonight April 11th from 8-9pm

We have been experiencing sporadic latency in our network connectivity due to the load on the router during peak traffic. 

To keep things running fast and smoothly, we will be upgrading our router today, Wednesday April 11th, between 8 and 9 pm CST to handle the increase in traffic. 

We expect this upgrade to be seamless but if a interruption does occur it will only be for a brief 5 minute or less interval.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your business!  It is an honor to grow with your organization!

Please call us at (281) 497.6567 or email us at with any questions or concerns.

Development Sites Scheduled Outage Today (June 3)

Alert: Development Sites Down
Date: Saturday June 3, 2006
Duration: up to 10 hours starting at 12:00

Today, Saturday June 3, 2006, the development sites will be down for approximately 10 hours. The outage will begin at approximately 12:00 PM CST and last, well, pretty much until the electricians turn the building back on.

Tendenci web sites and emails will not be affected (those are of course at a hosting facility).