Python still the most popular coding language and growing

Tendenci, the Open Source Membership Management Software, is written in in a programming language named Python. (Named after Monty Python of course!)

python ranks 1 for popular coding languages
Python – the most popular coding language of 2015

And Python is the most Popular Coding Language of 2015. A nice winning streak! This matters to people choosing membership software because open source means it can’t be taken away from you. Lots of options to export from Tendenci as well if a better solution for your particular needs comes up.

The more people who know a given programming language means you have lots of resources to support, extend, upgrade and hopefully also contribute to the tendenci software and get involved.

So let’s be honest, we all like playing on the winning team. We bet on Python very early. We used Python even on the windows platform in the early 2000s. Python has truly hit a critical-mass among developers.

Given the Django web framework behind Open Source Tendenci is written in Python, and all of Tendenci’s apps are written in Python, we feel pretty good about the future stability of our technology stack.

In other words, the future looks bright and we welcome more developers to join the Tendenci community!

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10 Million NGOs Worldwide (who just might want open source multilingual software)

Let’s start 2016 off with some great news. NGOs are growing internationally and their role in our society is becoming more important.  From the post:

NGO Facts - 10 Million#NGOfacts is an ongoing campaign that highlights statistical data about NGOs, nonprofits and charities worldwide. Committed to building a comprehensive list of facts and stats about the NGO sector, please check back regularly for updates.

1. There are an estimated 10 million (non-governmental organizations) NGOs worldwide.
Source: The Global Journal

2. The number of people worldwide donating money to NGOs increased from 1.2 billion in 2011 to 1.4 billion in 2014. By 2030, the number is expected to grow to 2.5 billion.
Source: Charities Aid Foundation

(those are the first two points of 14 – go read the full post here!)

And yes, we are pretty happy to see greater adoption of Tendenci – an open source software solution for NGOs that is already multilingual. Join us!

Refactoring Tendenci 7.1


The time has come for us to refactor Tendenci, the fully Open Source Solution for Nonprofits and Associations.


The current version of Tendenci (7.x) has significant changes which are not compatible with Tendenci 5. This has prevented us from publishing the new code to make it easier for new users to install.


We will begin publishing Tendenci 7 as a package possibly as soon as October 1, less than two weeks from now. It may not get pushed out on October 1, but people who are using the open source version and are on the 5.x release need to be prepared. The actual date Tendenci 7 will be pushed out as a package is when it is ready. But please plan on October 1.


Well, if you are hosted on’s servers and we manage your web site then you don’t have to change a thing and it will all just happen in the background. Clients on version 5 will remain on version 5 because of the theme changes made between version 5 and 6. Clients on version 6 will be upgraded to Tendenci 7.1

If you have your own developer or you are a developer, maybe jump over to github and the docs and keep an eye on things for the next couple of weeks. Maybe even submit issue requests for features.

Why are you telling us if there is nothing for us to worry about?

Because not everyone hosts with us and we need to try to make sure their IT team knows the upgrades are possible, but will require your technical team to do them. This is important to us even if they aren’t hosting because they are part of the community.

In fact growing the open source community of people using Tendenci is the biggest driver pushing us to refactor Tendenci. We’re geeks and collaborate on github.


Wait, what does “Refactor” mean again?

It means making it easier for programmers to work on the code. Technically from wikipedia they define it as “Code refactoring is the process of restructuring existing computer code – changing the factoring – without changing its external behavior.”

It’s time to refactor so we have more happy programmers. Tendenci is just too hard to install in the wild right now. That isn’t right. Plus Happy programmers means more contributors and it builds on the virtuous cycle that is what makes FOSS (Free Open Source Software) so cool. It truly takes a village.

Can’t you just contact every one who self hosts?

Unfortunately we don’t have a list and Tendenci doesn’t “phone home” so we really don’t know how many people are using it by self installing. But we care about them and we’re doing everything we can to get the word out. Everyone should be backing up their sites of course, but still, if you click “upgrade” and your layout goes wonky that isn’t fun. No data will be lost, but what a hassle.

If you self host we are working hard on these documents so you can smoothly upgrade your site (after running backups of course)

Where is everything documented?

Over at readthedocs. Click the image below and you’ll be on your way.


What if I self host and I don’t want to upgrade?

You should be fine as long as you don’t try to do an automatic upgrade. And of course you will need to keep an eye on the django project LTS timelines.

If you are on Tendenci 5, because of the changes with the django project itself you will need to upgrade from T5 to T6 and then to T7.1. This is all documented at

If you need legacy files they are linked at the bottom of this post.

OK, tell me the biggest benefit of refactoring again?

A programmer will be able to type “sudo pip install tendenci” and make a few server configuration changes and they’ll have a site up and running quickly. This matters because ease-of-use changes behavior. If you want to move forward, we have to take care of our programmers first! They care about you, so it is a virtuous cycle.

Wait, I want more technical info!

We’re gonna be pushing the technical details to as soon as we get it all tested. We’ll be able to push the master branch to pypi again and life will be grand!

Wait, this stuff is too technical! (the opposite of above question)

I apologize for the technical stuff, but sometimes when working with software it can be technical. Just know that if you self host, talk to your local programmer and they will take care of you with the documentation we are posting at

So if I self host, and my webmaster clicks “update tendenci” and I’m on version 5 my site will break?

Yes. You’ll be able to fix it and you won’t lose any data, but you’d probably want to just restore a backup. And then go to for the technical info.

What if I don’t wanna upgrade ever and my server is completely isolated on a ship in the middle of the ocean? 

OK, well, we like an occasional steak so you have our sympathy for a diet of 100% fish. But secondarily we have all of the historic zip files, that are still on github but will be removed, available for download for some time at 

Streamline Your Membership Management with Tendenci

Are you keeping up with your members in several software tools that don’t always feel connected? Or are you using spreadsheets to keep everything straight? Managing Members is hard work – let Tendenci take care of the heavy lifting to help you manage, communicate with, and grow your members.

Tendenci gives you the flexiblity and ease of use to create an online membership management platform as unique as your association’s community.

Tendenci’s Membership Module allows your organization to manage member sign ups and renewals, member types and groups, search and find members, and set custom tiered permissions as needed – all online through your Tendenci website.


Read More About How Membership Management Can Streamline Your Process:

How do I delete members from my site?

How do I delete members from a corporate membership?

I have deleted a member but the member is still showing up – why?

Tendenci has been helping nonprofits and associations large and small manage their membership since 2001.

For more information please visit us online at

Top 5 Tech Needs of NPOS & Associations: How Does Tendenci Offer Solutions to Address These Needs?

When Khliya Hamilin, led a conversation at NetSquared North, asking nonprofit groups, “How do you want to use technology to achieve your nonprofit’s goals?” conference goers said they were most interested in using technology to:

  • increase visibility
  • engage people
  • recruit & involve volunteers
  • internal collaboration
  • meta-networking

Tendenci’s open source content management software offers solutions in all these areas – some that are available to you on your site that you may not yet be taking advantage of!

Increase Visibility & Engage People

Photo & Video Galleries

Using photos and videos are a powerful way to tell your organization’s story by visually showing off the people and events of your organization.

Tendenci Open Source integrated system includes a complete digital media management package to organize, collect, and share photos, videos, and documents on your website securely and neatly.

Event Calendar

Create a new event in minutes directly from your Tendenci website with our integrated events calendar module.

Add all the event details including location and directions, speaker bios, ticket pricing, images, sponsors on a single page online.

Color code your events by type on your Tendenci calendar to create a visual  experience for site users

Keep Content Fresh with News, Articles, and Stories

rich-mediaTendenci Content Management Software (CMS) gives you the resources to manage and organize your website content without having to know HTML or other complicated programming tools.

Easily add and edit pages, articles, news, stories, photo albums, and more through the Tendenci web interface – helping you to engage both your internal users as well as online visitors.

Recruit & Involve Volunteers

Tendenci’s Membership Module allows you to manage member sign ups and renewals, member types and groups, search and find members, and set custom tiered permissions as needed – all online through your Tendenci website. Easily manage and engage your volunteers with built in newsletters!

Internal Collaboration

Tendenci’s customizable permissions allow you to give access to different parts of the site to those who need it, when they need it.

Split up your administrator! Tendenci allows you to set up different members of your organization to receive notifications on activity that is pertinent to their work such as contact form notifications, event registration notifications, membership sign ups, and more.

Help your internal team and community using our built in help files system. Upload documents and pictures to share with your team and broader community.

Business Directories & Meta-Networking

Tendenci online Business Directories allow you to showcase your sponsors or preferred partners on your website. Business Directories can be organized by category and subcategory, and include graphic logos and search engine friendly descriptions and tags.

Business Directories can generate revenue for your organization or provide additional value to sponsors and partners.

Over 1.4 million users love Tendenci, and we hope that you’ll love it too! For more information visit


Group Dynamics – Only as Simple as People

Frequently I stumble when trying to explain Tendenci is as simple as possible, yet still quite complex. I shouldn’t apologize because people are complex. People > Web 2.0. I mean seriously, step back and look at Amazon or Facebook. (hint: they are complex as all get out.)

How can you make software to serve humans and pretend they are simple creatures when they aren’t! Thus I frequently find myself quoting someone a lot smarter:

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.” – Albert Einstein

Which according to wikipedia is an abbreviated version of this quote:

“…the supreme goal of all theory is to make the irreducible basic elements as simple and as few as possible without having to surrender the adequate representation of a single datum of experience.” – Albert Einstein

Which leads me to this great presentation on group dynamics.

If you are involved in NPOs and non-profits and use Tendenci, then it is what you already know; groups of people are complex. You can’t tell a hundred year old organization to simplify, you must instead make software that meets their needs. Because people come first. It’s about legacy.

Group Dynamics Slideshare by Swati Gautam found via Googling and enjoyed via reading.

Stay Visible with Newsletters (T6/T7 feature)

You talked – we listened! Generate newsletters and manage your email lists from within your Tendenci website using the customizable Newsletter module. Simple sign up forms, opt-in capabilities, automatically generated content and pre-designed templates make sending newsletters a breeze!

Tendenci Newsletters Content SelectionTo prepare a Newsletter, choose a customized graphical template and specify what website content to include – recent News and/or Articles, Upcoming Events, Recent Photos, etc.

A click of a button pulls all of this content to the Newsletter with links back to your site for more information. Newsletters can be viewed and edited prior to sending so that you can add a personal touch. The first 10,000 newsletters sent each month are FREE!

Read more: How Do I Create A Newsletter?

Ready to send newsletters on the fly?  Contact us at


More Recently Added Help Files

Learn more about how to make the most of your Tendenci website!

Sites Up After Short Down Time this Afternoon

One of our cloud providers experienced an outage this afternoon.

All sites should be back online at this time.

If your site is experiencing any issues please contact us at


Speaking at SXSW – Proprietary to OS: Giving Away Six Million Is Hard

I’ll be speaking at SXSW on Tuesday morning and I hope to see you there!

A few things have changed since we submitted the original description. It’s been 17 years. The last year has been both our biggest challenge and yet confirms our expectations of the huge potential of open source.

Oh, and we’re working on the Tendenci 6 branch now. Demo at

Grant opportunities and how your website can serve your organization!

Tendenci Stock Photography Photos by Ed Schipul

How can your website serve your organization?

A website is an investment and not an expense. It works around the clock and can handle hundreds of people at a time. Your website can spread the word to further your organization at all times by recruiting more volunteers, connecting with donors, and helping you to gain more recognition for the work you are already doing. Its fundraising ability can help you to raise more money for your organization and quickly pay for itself!

In a Millenial Donors Report, 71% of respondents get information about nonprofit organizations through web searches!

The 2014 donor report states that a company’s website is the primary media for learning about the company’s cause work!

Your website is an exciting opportunity to create awareness for your organization through educating the public and evoking action from your members, donors, and volunteers.

There are organizations and foundations who recognize the asset of an exceptional website and will grant funding in order to help an outstanding organization further their cause!

Here are some foundations who have approved grants in the past towards forwarding the web and technology goals of Non Profit Organizations. They just may be the key to optimizing the potential of your website online and can help fund the exciting web projects that will further your cause.

Greater Houston Community Foundation
Alkek and Williams Foundation, The, TX
Anderson Foundation, M. D., TX
AT&T Foundation, TX
Brown Foundation, Inc., The, TX
Comcast Foundation, The, PA
Communities Foundation of Texas, Inc.
The Cullen Foundation
ExxonMobil Foundation
The Holthouse Foundation for Kids
Greater Houston Community Foundation
Houston Endowment Inc.
The JPMorgan Chase Foundation
The Moody Foundation
The New York Community Trust
The Powell Foundation
Rockwell Fund, Inc.
Shell Oil Company Foundation
The Simmons Foundation
Strake Foundation
Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
American Jewish World Service
Annenberg Foundation
Robert Sterling Clark Foundation, Inc.
Dyson Foundation
Kalliopeia Foundation
Lavelle Fund for the Blind, Inc.
The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
New York Foundation
Porticus North America Foundation
Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, Inc.
The San Francisco Foundation
Surdna Foundation, Inc.
Conrad N. Hilton Foundation
Eugene and Agnes E. Meyer Foundation
Laura and John Arnold Foundation
The Alleghany Foundation
Dominion Foundation
Freddie Mac Foundation
Gannett Foundation, Inc.
Philip L. Graham Fund
Central Indiana Community Foundation, Inc.
The Cummins Foundation
Lilly Endowment Inc.
The Ahmanson Foundation
Annenberg Foundation
William K. Bowes, Jr. Foundation
The California Endowment
Compton Foundation, Inc.
The East Bay Community Foundation
Energy Foundation
The Global Fund for Women
Walter and Elise Haas Fund
The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
Kalliopeia Foundation
Koret Foundation
Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
The David and Lucile Packard Foundation
Rosenberg Foundation
The San Diego Foundation
The San Francisco Foundation
Santa Barbara Foundation
Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Stuart Foundation
Tides Foundation