Tendenci 6 Export Options for Memberships

Part of Tendenci 6 ‘s push for greater openness is making it easier to get your data.

We’ve talked about the django-sql-explorer from ePantry in a previous post, but it can be overkill in some cases. A much simpler process is to use the prebuilt reports and exports!

For example on your Tendenci 6 site there is a page at: /memberships/reports/ accessible from the “apps” menu here (number 7 – requires super-user access):


Current Members

  1. Current Members Roster
  2. Current Members Quick List
  3. Current Member Totals by Company

Membership Trends

  1. Memberships Over Time
  2. Active Members YTD
  3. Members YTD by Type

Member Data

  1. Membership Joins Report Summary
  2. Active Memberships, filterable by join date
  3. Expired Memberships, filterable by expire date
  4. Renewed Members, filterable by renew date
  5. Pending Memberships
  6. Members in Renewal Period
  7. Expired Members in Grace Period
  8. Active, Pending & Expired Members by Type

Financial Reporting

  1. Membership Invoices

User Reports

  1. Administrators
  2. Site Users Added
  3. User Activity Summary
  4. User Access
  5. Contacts Report
  6. Corporate Membership Summary
  7. Top Spenders
  8. Users not in Groups

Management Tools

  1. Similar Users List
  2. User Import
  3. User Export
  4. Membership Import
  5. Membership Export

On screen it looks like this:

Built in Membership Reports and Exports in Addition to Admin and Explorer
Built in Membership Reports and Exports in Addition to Admin and Explorer

And of course you can still use the Django-SQL-Explorer on your site at /explorer/ and there is a help file on how to use SQL Explorer with your Membership Web Site.