This Week Tendenci is Celebrating Twenty-three Marvelous Years of Serving the World’s People

Tendenci Celebrating Twenty-three Marvelous Years. Graphic image designed by Team Tendenci.

This week our team at Tendenci is celebrating twenty-three marvelous years of serving the world’s people! So, cheers to our clients and to the Open Source Tendenci Community! Our success is yours. Your success is ours. 

Twenty-three years ago, our Founder and CEO Ed Schipul started this wonderful company which was first known as Schipul The Web Marketing Company and today, with a broader global vision, is known as Tendenci – The Open Source AMS. 

We would like to take this moment and express that we understand we are living through uncertain times due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has brought us all a deep economical shock. And it is especially in times like this, everyone needs to unite. 

Nothing is more satisfying to us than to continue to help organizations reach the far corners of the world, even through our hardest times.

Yes, we are all being challenged, but crushing coronavirus uncertainty is a must. And restoring the confidence of nonprofits and associations is our mutual goal. Greatfully, Tendenci software – being open source is the advantage we hold. Proudly. 

Building on last year’s message from Founder and CEO Ed Schipul, we would like to reinforce our message – thankfulness is more important than ever before. 

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Happy Twenty-three Marvelous Years!

With Love,


Tendenci AMS Celebrates Black History Month, Honoring Influential Black People and Afro-Puerto Ricans

This month we honor all Black History, including Latin America.

Kimberly Bryant

The inspiring Kimberly Bryant is the creator of Black Girl Code, a program designed to change the face of technology by offering a future to young girls of color in technology.

Kimberly Bryant is the Founder and CEO of Black Girls CODE

Ursula Burns

The inspiring American business woman Ursula Burns was the first female Black CEO of a Fortune 500 company. She is currently the chairman and CEO of VEON, a senior advisor to Teneo, and a non-executive director of Diageo as of April 2018.

Photo of Ursula Burns
“She is inspirational to me in how service is leadership and leadership is service.” – Ed Schipul

Charles Gordon

October 12, 1925 – November 16, 1995

He was an American playwright, actor, director, and educator. He was the first African American to win the annual Pulitzer Prize for Drama, and he devoted much of his professional life to the pursuit of multi-racial American theater and racial unity.

Charles Gordon October 12, 1925 – November 16, 1995
Charles Gordon October 12, 1925 – November 16, 1995
I had the privilege of studying acting/theater under Charles Gordon”.
– Ed Schipul.

Dania Warhol

“I am. Transfeminist, black, cuir (queer), sureñx (southern). I exist I live with music and stories. I am the sum of all my ancestors and the experiences of my contemporaries. It’s not my job, it’s my language.” – Dania Warhol

Dania Warhol and the Spicy Nipples team.
“Dania is a young beautiful Transfeminist, and a hard working Afro-Latina rock star from my hometown in the south of the island. She is an advocate and leader to all the women, LGBTTQIAP+ community, poor people and black immigrants of Puerto Rico. Her dedication, elastic brave heart and passion keeps me alive and inspired.”
– Shirley Team Tendenci

Dania Warhol and a group of amazing strong women have created a Transfeminist platform called EspicyNipples.

“Media technologies and art are tools that we use for collective liberation, to heal generational violence and to connect our diverse nuances. We want to be a citizen journalism platform, taking into account our experiences and our bodies. Where we can count being ourselves, where we can grow collectively while telling our stories, and where we can be part of a safe space for queer life.”

Don Rafael Cepeda Atiles – Pratriarca de la Bomba y la Plena

July 10, 1910 – July 21, 1996

El Maestro Rafael Cepeda Atiles a.k.a. “The Patriarch of the Bomba and Plena” was the patriarch of the Cepeda family, known internationally as the exponents of Afro-Puerto Rican folk music.

Rafael Cepeda July 10, 1910 – July 21, 1996

“The bomba grew out of the colonial African slave experience. In its style of drumming, singing, and improvisational dancing, it resembles several other West African-derived forms of music and dance in the New World. The plena emerged as a local popular music during the last decades of the nineteenth century.”

Martin Luther King Jr.

January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968

And of course, we greatly honor Martin Luther King Jr. and 8 Black Activists Who Led the Civil Rights Movement

Martin Luther King Jr. Photo taken by Michael Ochs
Photo: Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

SchipulCon fun + surprises – October 6th + 7th are coming fast!

SchipulCon 2011 Quadracopter Promo of Awesome! from Schipul – The Web Marketing Co. on Vimeo.

We’ve been talking about some of our amazing speakers, awesome keynotes and other business-savvy takeaways at SchipulCon 2011, but let’s not forget the FUN we’ll have too!

The SchipulCon crew believes that learning goes best with fun activities, extra cool brain candy and neat people to share it with.  Check out some of the neat stuff we have in store for you:

  • Be inspired by world changers Karen Walrond  and Camp For All’s Kurt Podeszwa
  • Hands on video training / lighting experience with a fun workshop
  • Video basics session with Brian Potter and Brad Parler
  • How-to photography session with rock star Giovanni Gallucci
  • Get an intro for non-geeks on Arduino programming
  • Meet some robot wielding super heroes!
  • Learn how to fly RC helicopters
  • Get those hips moving with hoop dancing lessons
  • Participate in our Robot Drawing Contest for cool prizes (yes, you read that right)
Our SchipulCon tickets are still on sale – including Day Passes if you cannot make the entire conference.  We’re holding our fun SchipulCon Conference Party at The Yard House on Thursday evening from 5:30 – 7:30pm.  You’ll need a SchipulCon ticket to join us, but believe us – it’ll be a blast no matter when we get to connect!

Support some great SXSWi 2012 panels!

SXSW 2012 promotion

SXSWi reigns as the Geek Supreme Conference for marketers, technologists and entrepreneurs alike.   The Schipul team attends and speaks regularly at this great event – boy do we love the energy, fun and creativity that is found walking through the streets of Austin in March every year!

In the spirit of awesome content and even more awesome SXSWi attendees, we have created another SXSW Proposed Panel Page (say that five times fast) to help support Schipul and friends’ favorite SXSWi 2012 panels to vote on!

Let us help you promote your SXSWi panel submission!

Did you submit a panel or see a few that you want to spread the word about?   Leave us a comment on this post with the link and reason why you think it rocks – we’ll add it to our community proposal page!

Can’t wait until March 2012?     Be sure to check out this handy ‘First-Timer’s Guide to SXSW’ and take a look at some of our adventures we have had with our favorite geeks and companies throughout the years.   Like pretty pictures instead, we can do that 🙂

Looking forward to bumping into you in line at a party and Tweeting at you in a packed conference room full of amazing minds next year!

How to support your favorite SXSWi panels

SXSW panel picker process

Unlike most conferences, SXSWi has a very interesting panel selection process.   Your vote and comments count for 30%, the SXSW Advisory Board mindtrust counts for 40% and SXSW staff weigh in with the final 30% – all designed to help deliver some of the most intriguing and diverse content of any event.

How often do you get to have your voice heard as an attendee?   Dig through the main PanelPicker 2012 interface and explore proposals by category, tag, title and more.   Once you’re logged in, you can give panels a thumbs up or down, then leave your comments on each individual page.

Comments are a great way to recommend a speaker you have seen before, leave feedback (hopefully constructive!) on the topic or just express your general excitement – which is also a great feeling for wannabe panelists.   Don’t forget to Tweet, Facebook, Google + and email topics you think SXSWi 2012 just shouldn’t be without.   A little promotion can go a long way for any speaker’s success.

And finally – comment with a link to your favorite SXSWi 2012 panels so we can add them to our list!   Voting and commenting ends on September 2nd, so don’t delay – we want to see what panels inspire you.   Thanks!

Shade of Hope Helps Make Houses Homes Hosts “Shade of Hope” Fundraiser for the Houston Furniture Bank from Schipul – The Web Marketing Co. on Vimeo.

Coffee table. Bed. Plates. Forks. Chairs. A lamp. Individually, they’re just items on a list of things found in a house. Collectively these items represent what makes a house a home, and when simply having a roof is your main priority, what to put under it takes the backseat.   Shade of Hope is putting the spotlight on these details.

About Shade of Hope and The Furniture Bank of Houston and Houston Furniture Bank Leadership TeamsShade of Hope is a community arts affair created to help raise money and awareness for   The Furniture Bank of Houston.   The name sounds stately and polished, but the Furniture Bank is modest warehouse tucked away in Houston’s Third Ward, manned by a small group of loving volunteers.

Sunday, July 18, the public will have an opportunity to see the space for themselves during the kick-off event for Shade of Hope. Artists will be on-site creating the artwork to be featured in the upcoming   Furniture, Arts and Decor Expo – Show Your heART Houston, which also benefits The Furniture Bank.

Artist + Katie Sign First Canvas for Shade of Hope

True to it’s name, artists for the event will use shades donated by as canvas for their artwork. We attended the artist breakfast meeting at and even had an opportunity to sign the first shade commemorating the event.

The Furniture Bank welcomes donations of furniture and home appliances. Anyone interested in participating or donating to Shade of Hope or the Furniture Bank can contact Esther Steinfeld of

Join our Schipul Get Satisfaction community!

This week the Schipul team launched our new Get Satisfaction client community:

Think opposite the Rolling Stones song, we are ALL about finding new ways to get you satisfaction (and we try… and we try!!!).

While you hear from US all the time, we want to hear more from YOU!!   and, even more importantly, want to provide a space to contribute your own ideas and requests – as well as connect and collaborate with other Schipul clients.

Our Schipul Get Satisfaction community provides you with an extra spot to stay connected to software updates (and a place to provide feedback on them), a handy FAQ section and other goodies.

This will not replace our Support service (support AT schipul DOT com), but WILL provide you an additional spot to pose + answer questions for each other, share best practices and find like-minded organizations that (we think, at least) are pretty AMAZING.

Want to ease into the process a bit?   No problem.   You can always visit our page and submit your ideas.   Think big – anything we should be thinking about, offering client training on or building into our service offerings?   We’re all ears!