Safety Month: Hurricane and weather Blogs to know


Ah hurricanes, they’re not just for sipping on in New Orleans .   If you’re in a hurricane-effected area like we are (in Gulf Coast neighboring Houston!), you’ve probably already been talking about the possible rains, winds and candle lit evenings ahead with neighbors, family and co-workers.

With that in mind, here are a few of our favorite hurricane and weather blogs – that’s right, we geek out on weather too:

The WeatherMatrix (one of many Blogs)
You can really tell when a Blogger is passionate about his subject matter and Jesse is SERIOUS about weather.   One big bonus on The WeatherMatrix’s Blog is that it’s not only packed with tips, national weather updates galore – it’s always full of gorgeous weather-related visuals, photos and projections.      If the WeatherMatrix Blog isn’t enough for you, there is also an entire WeatherMatrix community for weather enthusiasts.

Weather Underground’s co-founder Jeff Masters writes up the world’s weather as he sees it.   Twisters, climate change and more.   Perhaps what’s even more interesting than Jeff’s posts are the incredible number of comments and intensely focused contributions from members.

WeatherBlog for ABC13
While this is technically a local Houston weather Blog, you’ll find all sorts of great weather-focused posts on topics like the Saffir-Simpson Scale re-vamping, hurricane workshops and NASA-TV.   Great weather brain candy.

Cloudy and Cool
Meteorologist Paul Yeager unleashes his weather brain power on this great Blog, featuring everything from 2009 hurricane season predictions to commentary on global warming to reminiscing on impactful weather events from his career.

Where do you get your weather fix?   Be sure to comment on our Schipul Book Club post this week for a chance to win an emergency kit and a copy of The Survivor’s Club.

Image above thanks to Jesse – every single hurricane worldwide from 1851 to 2007, colored by intensity when known.   Visualization at its finest!