Thirty Days of Thanks – I

Don't worry ma'am, I'm from the internet.
Don’t worry ma’am, I’m from the internet.

I’m going to go ahead and speak for the entire world when I say that the internet is, without a doubt, totally rad. I was one of the lucky ones who had home internet access at the age of nine. Since then, I’ve become an addict that has   a slightly hunched back, incredible typing speed, and an aversion to sunlight. Calm down, fellas. I’m already taken!

Let us all be thankful for the internet and its uncanny ability to make us love it with the LOLz and hate it for causing us to work way more than eight hours a day. It brings us a wealth of knowledge and can cause us to see things that can never be unseen.

Enough gushing, time to break this down list style with images and links that quickly go through a few reasons why everyone should be thankful for the internet.

The internet made this.
The internet made this.
  • Ever think, “I bet I am the only one who cares about tic-tacs getting stuck in the container” or something else equally random? If you have, you’d be wrong, because–bless the internet– if you think of it, it is on the internet. And there is probably a photo gallery attached.
  • Every question you have ever had and will have can be answered! In fact, why teach your children about where babies come from when you can ask the internet instead!
  • Memes. I could write a whole separate post about being thankful for memes. No joke. Don’t know what a meme is? Well, we can help you fix that and trust us, you will want to catch up quickly:

And that, my friends, is a very small reason why I love and am thankful for the internet.   So remember, while you are saying a blessing over the turkey dinner and your family at Thanksgiving, give a little thanks to the internet too.