Auditing Your Tendenci Website: Checkups, Analytics, and Benchmarks for Live Websites

My Website is Live! Now What?One of the most common questions we get asked is “My site is live! Now what?”

Last week we hosted the webinar Auditing Your Live Tendenci Website: Checkups, Analytics, and Benchmarks for Live Tendenci Sites to hopefully help answer that question.

Your Website shouldn’t be static – it should evolve and change as your organization does. It is a good idea to spend time periodically to step back to analyze your website performance and refocus your content strategy.

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This Webinar Covers:

  1. Checkups and Checklists for Auditing Your Site
  2. Content and Keyword Reports and How to Interpret this Data
  3. Analytics Benchmarks
  4. What You Need to Know About Mobile and2013 Mobile Trends
  5. Tendenci Features you may not be using (yet!)

On Demand Video Recording of the Webinar:

Watch the Video on YouTube: Auditing Your Tendenci Website

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