30 Days of Thanks: MMM bop

I am very thankful for my family for introducing me to good music at such an early age.   Although I can’t play any instruments, I have always loved all types of music.

When I was a kid my Dad used to play a Bob Dylan cassette (John Wesley Harding) in his truck when he would pick my sister and I up from daycare.

I’m sure to say that my love for Dylan came from my Dad, along with love for many other great bands such as the Clash, the New York Dolls and the Rolling Stones.

I am also pretty sure I can attribute most my redneckness now in life (besides going to Texas State) to him playing Texas Country. For example, as a kid I remember listening to Robert Earl Keen when we’d go to the beach. If not not the redneck part, he is certainly responsible for my smart-assness.

There has always been some what of a heated discussion between my parents when talking about music. Dad would always say, “I’ve been listening to so and so since…” but Mom would have to correct him to let him know that she in fact turned him on to the artist, such as Emmylou Harris, Jimmy Dale Gilmore, Willie and Waylon and Guy Clark.

They both introduced me to bands such as Doug Sahm and the Texas Tornadoes, Steve Earle and Joe Ely.

I’d also credit my sister Briana Purser for introducing me to great bands such as the Black Angel’s, Thee Oh Sees and the Night Beats as well as the classics like Neil Young and Donovan.

Without my family, who knows what I’d be listening too. But thanks to them I have discovered such bands as Reckless Kelly, Hayes Carll, Ryan Bingham, Ghostland Observatory, Battles, Four Tet.. I could go on forever. But for that, I am very thankful for having my family in my life and the music they have shared with me. Love you guys, Happy Thanksgiving!

Awesome Tendenci Takeaway from SchipulCon09!!

Our first annual Schipul Web Marketing Company was a huge success and we want to thank all of our awesome clients for making it a possibility. The Tendenci Track was a blast!!

Couldn’t make it out to SchipulCon this year? Never fear! We have some great resources you can check out.

  1. Follow (and contribute to!) the SchipulCon-Versation
  2. Check out our speaker slides on our SchipulCon Presentation Page
  3. Peruse the SchipulCon videos on our Events page
  4. Get a photo play-by-play on Flickr (Thanks to Eye-Fi!)

If you are new to Tendenci – The Open Source AMS, you must check out the Tendenci 101 presentation! JJ Lassberg is AMAZING!

Confused about newsletters? We’ve got you covered! Stay updated with The Tendenci the Open Source News.

As always, let us know if you have questions. Our support team is here to help!!

iTunes Store Hates Helvetica

Why couldn’t it have been Comic Sans?

Back in the old internet days, and I mean waaaaay back. I’m talking ancient history here, folks. I mean waaaaaaay, waaaaaaaay back on September 9th 2009 I installed the latest version of iTunes. It seems so long ago now but I can remember waiting with bated breath as news surrounding the latest release of the new iTunes would come with a much needed iPhone App organizer that would allow people the ability to organize their Apps on their computer. This is a great addition, it lets me move my App icons using my computer and a mouse rather than holding down an icon on the phone with my meaty fingers and moving them around. I always seem to mess up the order of the icons and drives me a little crazy. If you are an iPhone user you know what I’m talking about.

Below is a screenshot of the App Organizer in action


If you have an iPhone and haven’t installed the latest version of iTunes you should, the new updates are great but not all of them. More on that in a minute, first lets talk about Fonts

To Serif or not to Serif, that is the question

There are so many fonts out there. Just look around you. I can count over 20 different fonts on all the stuff around my area here at Schipul. Some serif, some sans serif. Some are hand drawn and some are works of art.

As a designer I have found and collected many fonts that I use in my concert posters. I have thousands of fonts now, so many that sometimes I go into ‘font paralysis’ trying to find that perfect font for a poster. I usually end up with some variation on what some people would call the perfect font’ Helvetica.

Helvetica is probably, if not THE, mostly widely used font in the world. Even if you do not know Helvetica by name you know it by site. Ever been to Crate & Barrell, seen a Jeep or Toyota ad? Then you’ve seen Helvetica. Here is a list of 40 companies that use the Helvetica. The font is loved by so many people it has it’s own documentary(which is AWESOME btw)

Comic Sans, why can’t they quit you?

photoI first started at Schipul on the graphics team as a layout designer. I had been designing for a few years before joining this great company. Since I started designing I’ll admit I have developed some design snobbery that comes out at times but one thing I can say that has been burning inside of me before I even wanted to be a designer’ my hatred for the font Comic Sans

At left is a photo of my coffee mug that my lovely wife bought me. You can get one here if you want’ Ban Comic Sans. That is Rupert Todderson in the mug, not Todd

I’m not going to get into why this font is so ugly, it should be abundantly clear. If you should get the desire to use it please reference this chart first

iTunes Store Bug Commits Biggest Design Foul

So, back to iTunes and how this all fits in. Well, after installing the newest version the language in the iTunes store instantly changed to some strange new language as seen below. I checked my language preferences and USA was chosen. The rest of iTunes worked perfectly, it was only the store section that was messed up.


I contacted Apple by email many times and never received a follow up. I searched for forums but nothing was showing up either. Defeated I let it go, if I can’t buy anything from iTunes and Apple won’t help than why lose sleep. I eventually called Apple and was told that I might be charged for support to help them help me to easily buy stuff from them. I might be charged to find out why I can’t buy something from them, just thought I would repeat that. Well, their free support didn’t help and I wasn’t about to pay. I searched again for forum posts to see if I wasn’t the only one with this problem. Turns out I wasn’t anymore.

Ban Helvetica? Say it ain’t so!

Yes, it turns out that by having Helvetica in my fonts folder is the cause of iTunes error. In order for me to be able to buy anything from Apple using iTunes I would have to erase the Holy Font. It couldn’t have been Comic Sans or some random font? No, it seems I had to commit the hardest font murder of all time, I would have to erase Helvetica from my system, which by the way is NOT free, although you can find it everywhere.

So long Comic Sans

As an act of both defiance and devotion I have uninstalled Comic Sans as well, although that one felt good


Funny Video of the Day – Master of the Internet

In a matter of months Schipul will be celebrating it’s 12th anniversary. I can’t believe we’ve been around since 1997 and according to this video set in 1997 you will be able to ‘Master the Internet’ in a matter of months as well.

I found this video informative and topical as well. I’m thinking about ordering some for myself so I can learn how to do the following:

  • Get sports scores
  • Chatting with women
  • Taxes
  • Football scores
  • Chatting with men         about football
  • Egyptian literature
  • Sending electronic M

I love talking to men         about football and I’ve always wanted to send an electronic M, who knows maybe some day I could learn how to send an electronic R or Q.

I feel so inspired!

And how wise is the Master of the Internet? If you ask him what the capital of Dallas is it will only take him 10 minutes on the internet to tell you the current temperature of Dallas. Not exactly what was asked but a Master should always be mysterious, according to Sun Tzu. Besides, everyone knows the capital of Dallas is Houston. wink

Another great piece of advice that Dale gives is that ‘no one can make money on the internet’ so don’t even bother trying!

Call 1 800 555 Dale to order your tapes today!

Jason McElweenie – Schipul Web Marketing

Ten Things I Love About Tendenci Updates!

3330871182_0690ae80c3 This week has been a big programming week! We've got a bunch of super cool updates coming for you guys to look forward to that will make your Tendenci powered site even more functional and fun to use…. for both your users and you.

  1. Tendenci sites have gone mobile! They can now have the power to detect mobile browsers and redirect; this will make browsing on the go easy as pie for your user. Check out Reliant Park's mobile site for a great example. 
  2. Want to choose how your albums are sorted in Tendenci? You now have the ability to sort your photo albums in whatever order you want!
  3. We love Numbered Lists and we've incorporated that into our Comments. Counting comments are a thing of the past because now they are numbered! This makes it easier to manage your comments than ever before.
  4. You'll be able to get stats from Google Analytics with ease. Sign up for the SEM Newsletter to get more information on this update later this week!
  5. Wonky User Group Names will soon be a thing of the past. As we move forward we will be substituting the User Group Name with the
    prettier User Group Label used in Custom Contact Forms. 
  6. Tendenci now works with Constant Contact! It's pretty basic for now but we'll be making it more robust in the future. Check out our blog post from last week for more information!
  7. It will be even easier to use the Photo Module to tell your story! When these updates are complete you'll be able to pull the photos from your Tendenci Photo Module to a cool button anywhere on your site you'd like.
  8. The Resume Module and the User Module are no longer tied together. This means you can make the Resumes Module inactive if you aren't using it and it won't affect your Users in the least bit. Contact Support for help!

Read about awesome updates 9 and 10 in this blog post about Calendar Events!!

These updates aren't live yet but will be by the end of the week so get excited! You'll be able to search our helpfiles for more information and as always, you can contact Schipul Support for help.

New Calendar Event Updates give you even MORE Control!

Our programmers have been hard at work and this week we have two really awesome Calendar Events updates rolling out that will make registering for your events and then sharing your events with friends even easier! You're going to love them.

Want your users to be able to tell their friends on Facebook about your events? We've integrated Facebook Connect with Tendenci so now they can!

Untitled-6 What does this mean to you? Now, from your Tendenci driven website, your users will be able to register for one of your events and tell all of their friends on Facebook about it in one step! This means more fun for your users and more free publicity for your event. It's a win-win!

Check out this helpfile for more details on how Facebook Connect works.

Calendar events now have custom registration forms!


We're putting you in the driver's seat with this update! You'll get to decide exactly which information you wish to collect from your visitors when they register for your event and how you want to present your registration form to them.

 Some super cool features include:

  1. You'll be able to collect as much information from your visitors as you’d like using whichever input variety you prefer. This means you can use everything from text-boxes to check-boxes (plus more!) to get the information you need.
  2. You can make your registration forms prettier than ever before. You'll be able to section your forms with different lines and text headers to communicate with your visitors exactly what you want.
  3. You can easily update the order you collect information from registrants by dragging and dropping elements wherever you desire.
  4. Don't want to make everyone fill out every little thing? Make some fields required and others not, it’s completely up to you

Ever want to register friends for an event and not have all of their details? No problem! Now with our custom registration forms, you can allow your users to register anonymous so that they can register for all of their friends (and perhaps get a discount rate) without filing in everything immediately.

This last change gives your users even more freedom to bring friends to their events. Even if they don't know exactly who they want to bring, they can still get registered!

We’re building Tendenci 5.0 and we want to hear YOUR ideas!!

Come on, we know you've got 'em!

Our Programmers are hard at work re-inventing Tendenci and the only thing missing is your ideas! What is your dream feature? If you haven't suggested anything yet, then we can't integrate it! Head on over to our Tendenci Forums and leave a comment.

We've already gotten some great feedback from our users and things to look forward to include….

(drumroll please!)

  1. Super Social Network Intergration like Facebook Connect
  2. Software will be even MORE effective in the Search Engines
  3. Are you an administrator? The control panel is going to be more beautiful than ever! 

We do want your feedback and since we're modeling your new Tendenci-powerd Web site after what you want to see, don't miss your chance to contribute!!