We think Art really is the heART of Houston!

It is no secret we at Schipul LOVE the Houston Art Scene, so of course we’re super excited about one of our artsy client’s events!   Join the Schipulites from 5:30- 7:30 pm to help The Houston Arts Alliance kick off their inaugural viral video campaign THIS Wednesday at the Space125Gallery.

At the Art-the heART of Houston event you’ll be elbow to elbow with some of the best artisits Houston has to offer and you’ll get to enjoy some awesome wine from 13 Celsius.   You’ll even be home in time for the debates!   And did we mention it is all FREE??

You’ll also get a head start in taking part in the heART of Houston viral video campaign.   What does that mean? It means that anyone and everyone can submit a 60-second video of their favorite local artists and share why they’re “the heART of Houston.” You’ll vote on the best, and there’ll be rockin’ prizes for the winners!

For more details, come play with us this Wednesday from 5:30-7:30 pm at the Space125 Gallery.   We hope to see you there!!

You can register via facebook here.

(thank you eflon for the lovely view from Allen Parkway!)

Latest Tendenci update 9/22/08


We updated the Tendenci software yesterday afternoon.  Included in this update:

1.       Calendar Events – Export now in Rich Text for Microsoft Outlook (as opposed to just plain text)

2.       Newsletter stack overflow prevention – more characters are allowed in the newsletter generator and a friendlier error message now displays if exceeded. 

3.       CEV reminders can be turned on/off with site XML variable.  Contact support for assistance in turning off the reminder.

4.       New function to display calendarevents in CSS so that it works with CSS layouts

5.       Birthday emails – this was funded by Kolache Factory.  It allows admins to design and send an email to users on their birthday.  Help file coming soon!



Welcome to our Blog and the Schipul Arts Page!

The Schipul office is pretty diverse, but one thing we have in common is our love for the Arts, especially the homegrown stuff.   So we thought, what better way to celebrate the inaugural Schipul blog post than with a celebration of the Arts Community in Houston.

Oftentimes, Artists just don’t get the recognition they deserve, so we wanted to create a Schipul page just for them!   We try to hit up as many of the events hosted by the artists on this list as possible (from shows by our fav graffiti beat boys to events hosted by a Houston staple, the Orange Show) but it is easy to lose track of what’s going on in such a busy city.

To cut down our frantic end of day gtalk messaging and Twitter DM’s searching for something cool to do, we created this page and wanted to make it public to you. what is wrong?

Check out the Schipul Page for a comprehensive list of who’s hot in Houston Arts… and PLEASE if we left anyone out, tell us about them in the comments section!!!   We know there is a ton more aweseome artists our there and we would love to hear about them.

Tendenci Update Time Again!

Newiconrow_12Thanks to the lovely programmers we have toiling away here at Schipul, our monthly Tendenci update has just been released.  Here are a few fun things to look forward to:

1.  New Icon Rows

2.  User Imports now features a more robust check of the usernames to prevent duplicate user names from being generate
3.  For our new Tendenci users, we have Introduction Tutorials for getting started with a new Tendenci site on all development sites. 
4.  CMS Display Page URL verification: When a display page URL is typed in, a message will be displayed if a page already exists for that URL.  Right now this is on Add page only but it will soon be added to the Edit page.
5. WYSIWYG Update and the Firefox 3 hyperlink bug has been fixed.
6.  Jobs, Releases, and Calendar Events homepage blocks have now been converted to CSS for custom styling.  Contact you project manager if you would like to change the way they look
7.  The yellow highlighting in the admin view of Catalogs had been removed for a cleaner less confusing look

If you have questions about any of these updates, you can contact Support at 281-497-6567 ext 411 or email them at support@tendenci.com

Thank you again for using Tendenci!!!!!!!

Tendenci training makes you (even) smarter!

Have you been to Tendenci training lately?  It’s fun, it’s free and can really help with the success of your Web site!  Plus you get to meet Schipul-ites in person and interact with other Tendenci users.

We have 3 really great classes for you to attend next week:

  1. Monday (3/21):  Intro to Tendenci
  2. Wednesday (3/23):  Intro to Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  3. Thursday (3/24):  Content Management

You can also take a look at the rest of our training classes by visiting our Schipul education calendar here.

Do you have a category called “Category”?

Does your Search Articles page show a category called "Category" lumped in with your real categories? Do you have a "SubCategory" too??


These were set up during the development process to populate your category lists. Now that you have real data on your site, you can get rid of these generic category labels.

Just go to your Site Variables listing for your site and find the one for Articles Category. Change the default name from "Category" to a basic category you currently use on your site, such as "Member News" or "Community Events". Do the same for Articles Subcategory.

Use this same process to get rid of the generic categories in Directories.

Not sure how to change your site variables? Contact Schipul at 281.497.6567 and anyone here can walk you through it!