A new look for Tendenci tabs


You may have noticed that your Tendenci dashboard pages have a little different look these days.  We updated our navigation tabs to be a little sleeker and a little prettier.

Not a gigantic change – but a nice little tweak to keep things looking good for you. 

Search User Relationships

Also included in yesterday’s update is a new search page that allows you to search user relationships.  It includes a checkbox to search for users NOT in a group.  This is helpful to find users that have not subscribed to particular group, like your newsletter.

This item is linked as option D3 on the "Manage Users" page.



Prompt to update user profile

We posted a Tendenci update yesterday morning.  Included is a new prompt for users to update their profile if it hasn’t been done in the past 90 days.  Here’s a screen shot:



Important court ruling: Web site owners can’t be sued for comments

Tendenci is built to facilitate communication, human connections and the sharing of ideas.  Tools like comments, ratings and TrackBacks can open up important dialog between your organization, your members and the general public.

A recent ruling by the California Supreme Court declared that Web site owners cannot be for sued libelous or defamatory comments written by site visitors.  Basically, if a discussion on your Web site gets heated, only the authors of those comments are held accountable.  (read more about the ruling here)

This is great news for organizations who want to keep an open, honest dialog going but also want to be in the clear legally.  Opposing points of view and a little heated discussion can be healthy,
but if things get out of hand and start veering towards libel it’s always best to err on the side of caution.

Ways to manage your site’s comments:

  1. Require a site administrator to approve a comment before it is posted live to your site
  2. Periodically check up on a comment thread and delete any comments that run against your organization’s online etiquette

Long story short – use your best judgment and contact your organization’s legal department for your specific situation, but definitely encourage your site visitors to take part in the conversation.

Thanks to Gulo Solutions Blog for the heads up on this!

IE7 and Firefox 2 Tendenci compatability


Change is good!  Everyone here at the Schipul office LOVES the new IE7 and Firefox 2 browser updates.  They incorporate great security and usability features that make our Internet lives simpler and happier.

Tendenci is compatible with both updated browsers, so be sure to download the newest versions of your favorite browser today!

Download Firefox here:  http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/

Download IE7 here:  http://www.microsoft.com/windows/ie/default.mspx

Picture this – pretty up your user profile

Want to put a face to a name?  Encourage your users to personalize their profiles on your site by uploading their photo.  This is a great way to ensure members can recognize each other at your next meeting or conference – no more staring at nametags all day!

It couldn’t be easier to upload an image to your profile:

  1. View your user profile
  2. Click the gray profile photo box (the one with the big question mark in it)
  3. Browse your computer for your image
  4. Click submit and voila – your profile just got friendlier!



Put a face with that name!

Photo_2 Did you know you can upload photos of your members to your site? Members (and admins) can view their profile and click the Upload your Picture! link.

Turn your members directory into a facebook! It’s easy and a great way for your members to get to know each other!!

Do you have a category called “Category”?

Does your Search Articles page show a category called "Category" lumped in with your real categories? Do you have a "SubCategory" too??


These were set up during the development process to populate your category lists. Now that you have real data on your site, you can get rid of these generic category labels.

Just go to your Site Variables listing for your site and find the one for Articles Category. Change the default name from "Category" to a basic category you currently use on your site, such as "Member News" or "Community Events". Do the same for Articles Subcategory.

Use this same process to get rid of the generic categories in Directories.

Not sure how to change your site variables? Contact Schipul at 281.497.6567 and anyone here can walk you through it!

Emergency Prep Part 2: Volunteer coordination with Tendenci

In the time of a crisis, helping hands are desparately needed in a variety of activities.  You can quickly and easily coordinate volunteer efforts via your Web site’s calendar while using a tool familar to your organization, which helps with participation levels.

After posting location and activity details on your Web calendar event (read this help file), you can put a cap on the number of volunteers accepted for each event – ensuring  that you never have to turn away extra volunteers and can re-direct their energies elsewhere.

Publicize your volunteer events with e-newsletters and refine your event listings and press releases with our built-in Search Engine Optimization tools.  Tendenci’s Content Management System also makes it a snap for you to add graphics and details to pre-existing pages on your Web site updating your community on your efforts and volunteer needs.

Want more?  Read about more Tendenci emergency preparation features in the Emergency Prep Part 1:  Emergency First Responders blog post.