7 Replies to “You Say He’s Just a Friend”

    1. Until I start seeing negative numbers, I'm not seeing any real effort JMO.

  1. I'm not sure what I'm more offended by – that my name is on the "Hide" and "okay to delete" lists or that you have that song in my head.

  2. April, as I told Ed on Facebook, your presence there was very lorem ipsum. I lurves you! Oh, but you can still be offended by the earworm. 😉

  3. Quality not quantity – I think it's all about how you define your use of Facebook. Biz dev tool / online phone book – then heck yes have 4000 friends.

    Or is it a place to maintain meaningful connections and share the occasional ridiculous joke and Heart concert photo with people who won't judge? CULL IT CULL IT!!

    I like Facebook primarily for keeping up with friends, secondarily for maintaining meaningful contacts that I am comfortable enough with having access to some personal stuff.

    No harm in spring (errr… fall?) cleaning now and again. In fact, I bet it encourages more use since we're not bogged down with unknown faces 🙂

  4. Hello! I’d like to tell you that I like all your writing style and that so I’m going to visit your blog frequently from now 🙂 Stay the best!

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