Emergency prep Part 1: Emergency First Responders

With the arrival of the 2006 hurricane season,  emergency preparedness is more important than ever.  Did you know that your Tendenci site has many built-in features to help you handle emergency situtations and communicate with your organization during a time of crisis?

Tendenci’s First Responder
module allows you to send timely and effective emergency communications to the members who need it most by granting them priority communication status on your Web site.

The module allows site users to mark their specific training or skillsets, showing you what members can assist you in what ways (pilot, photography, fireman, etc.) should the need ever arise.  Choose what skills you need and send those members your press releases and alerts first!

Tendenci’s First Responder module helps you make every minute count in an emergency situation – and it’s all already built in to your Web site

Interested in learning more?  Read our help files on Tendenci’s First Responder system or give us a call at (281) 497.6567.

Chat it up on your Web site

Did you know that you can incorporate chat boxes on your Web site without downloading or installing a single piece of software?

Using a free program like Gabbly, you can embed a chat window onto a CMS page on your Tendenci site and enjoy immediate communication with as many members or clients as you like.

This is a fantastic tool to use during a conference, meeting or brainstorming session.  Now having members in multiple physical locations doesn’t have to be such a headache.  Chat boxes are also a great way to collaborate online without even having to pick up the phone. 

Read our help file on adding chat sessions to your site here.

Meet the Tendenci Programmers

I thought I’d take a minute and introduce the Tendenci programming team.  Oten y’all talk to us but don’t have an opportunity to meet us.  So here’s a picture and brief description of each of the team members!

EloyEloy Zuniga
Eloy is the newest member of our team.  He’s currently a student at U of H majoring in Computer Science.  Eloy originally joined Schipul as an intern on the Search Engine Marketing Team under the direction of Katie Thoreson.  We figured out that he has some programming skills and stole him.  His biggest contribution to the team to date is the mini calendar!

JennyGuiqin (Jenny) Qian
Jenny joined Schipul as a member of the Search Engine Marketing Team.  Sound familiar?  Only Jenny asked to join the programming team!  Since then, she has contributed a substantial amount in helping to advance the Tendenci software!  She is a whiz at regular expressions which has helped her use the Python scripting language to create a lot of the "behind the scenes" functionality of the Tendenci software.  You probably don’t see a lot of Jenny’s work, but trust me, you love it!  Jenny holds an MS in Computer Science from The University of Texas at San Antonio as well as an MS in Biological Science from Nanjing Agricultural University in China.

KathrynKathryn Ciaralli
Kathryn was not a member of the SEM team!  She was hired and placed directly on the programming team shortly after she graduated from U of H with a BS in MIS and a BS in Marketing.  Since joining the team, Kathryn has contributed way too many things to list.  The most recent of which are editable membership applications, Quickbooks export, and updates to the courses module to include course credits.  Kathryn is a big help to the sales team as well as everyone else in the office.  She will continue to contribute a great deal to the team if we can keep another Schipul team from stealing her!

MeJennifer Brooks
If the name’s not familiar, try Jennifer Ulmer.  I recently got married!  I joined Schipul 7 years ago after graduating from U of H with a BS in MIS.  I’ve been around since before Tendenci was created, back when we were doing things the hard way.  I’m amazed at the amount of growth the software, as well as the company, has achieved in the past few years!

So that’s the team!  Next time you talk to any of us, let us know you read the blog!


Directories Random Display

Tendenci_random_directory The latest update also included a mod for directories.  Some of our clients use "sponsors" and wanted a way to display them on the home page.  We created a display function that pulls directories for a specific category and randomly displays them.  The client can determine how many logos display and how the table should be set up (2 rows, 4 columns, etc).  Contact the Tendenci Production Team to implement this on your site!


Calendar Event Daily View got a facelift!

Since the implementation of the new mini calendar, we felt the daily view of the calendar event module was, well, boring.  So we gave it a face lift.  It now includes more details, links, and just looks a lot better!  Just one more reason to start using the mini calendar on your site!  Here’s a screen shot.




Mini Calendar now available!


The latest Tendenci update includes a mini calendar that gives users a  birdseye view of your events!  Dates with events are highlighted in red.  Users can click on the date to see what is taking place that day.  The smaller version of the calendar fits neatly onto any page design.   

Contact the Tendenci Production Team about adding the mini calendar to your homepage!


Course Programs and Credits Released June 2006

Two new Tendenci modules were recently released – Course Programs and Course Credits – both are an extension of the existing Courses Module.

Course Programs
Course Programs allows the admin to designate requirements to complete a certain program or certification such as total credits to complete the program and expiration of the credits.

When adding or editing a course you can designate which program to attach the course to.

Course Credits
Course Credits allows the user to submit for credit for the course, without actually taking the course online.  This works well for credits that need to be captured that don’t necessarily lend itself to an online exam such as whether or not the user has attended a seminar.


Development Sites Scheduled Outage Today (June 3)

Alert: Development Sites Down
Date: Saturday June 3, 2006
Duration: up to 10 hours starting at 12:00

Today, Saturday June 3, 2006, the development sites will be down for approximately 10 hours. The outage will begin at approximately 12:00 PM CST and last, well, pretty much until the electricians turn the building back on.

Tendenci web sites and emails will not be affected (those are of course at a hosting facility).