Put a face with that name!

Photo_2 Did you know you can upload photos of your members to your site? Members (and admins) can view their profile and click the Upload your Picture! link.

Turn your members directory into a facebook! It’s easy and a great way for your members to get to know each other!!

Do you have a category called “Category”?

Does your Search Articles page show a category called "Category" lumped in with your real categories? Do you have a "SubCategory" too??


These were set up during the development process to populate your category lists. Now that you have real data on your site, you can get rid of these generic category labels.

Just go to your Site Variables listing for your site and find the one for Articles Category. Change the default name from "Category" to a basic category you currently use on your site, such as "Member News" or "Community Events". Do the same for Articles Subcategory.

Use this same process to get rid of the generic categories in Directories.

Not sure how to change your site variables? Contact Schipul at 281.497.6567 and anyone here can walk you through it!

Catalogs Module now Tracks Shipping

Hey folks,

With the most recent round of Tendenci updates we added functionality to enter shipping information for the order.  Basically what it does is:

  • Allows the admin to enter the shipping details of an order (it’s status, date shipped, carrier, tracking number, and any additional notes).
    • If the carrier is DHL, FedEx, UPS, or USPS then we build the link to the carriers site to check the status of the shipment
  • The shipping information is visible by the user who made the order, and is indicated and linked from the invoice search page, invoice view page, cart search page, and cart order review page


Calendar Event changes for sponsor and offline registrations

Two new updates for the Calendar Events module:

  1. Sponsor – if the sponsor field is blank, the user group will be displayed on the event details page.  If the user group and sponsor are both blank, nothing will display.
  2. Custom text for offline registration – that block that showed "No [site name] Online Registration for this Event" is now editable on the pricing page in an HTML enabled field called offline registration notice.  It it’s blank, the default message will be displayed.


Polls module got a face lift!

Just released – the Tendenci Polls module with up to 10 answer options (instead of 5).  We also took the time to clean up the individual pages a bit.  No worries, the existing polls with less than 10 answers still work exactly as they did before. 


Latest update includes batch newsletters

Hi everyone!

We posted a Tendenci update this morning that includes a major revision for the newsletters.  It now processes pending newsletters in batches.  No more real-time send.  Why is this good?  It eliminates the web based limitations of session time outs and memory allocation.

How it works:
  1. Generate the newsletter as normal
  2. After agreeing to step 5, instead of seeing the scrolling list of names the newsletter is sent to you will instead see a message saying
    "Your newsletter has been scheduled to send within 10 minutes. You will receive an email notification when it’s done. Please note that it may take several hours to complete the process depending on the size of your group."
  3. The server will check for new newsletters to send every 10 minutes – if it finds one, then it will send each email accordingly.
  4. Once the emails are sent the creator of the newsletter will receive a confirmation email indicating that everything sent successfully, who it was sent to, and a total count.
Other items to note – when searching for emails you now can more easily filter by status (/en/actions/search.asp):
  • Open – still in build and has not yet been finally submitted (has not yet agreed to step 5)
  • Submitted – agreed to step 5 and is awaiting being processes
  • In Progress – the batch process has begun but is not yet complete
  • Closed – the batch process has completed and all emails have been sent
  • Cancelled – the email was deleted (cancelled)

New help files will be added soon, https://www.tendenci.com/en/help/.  If you can’t find the answers you’re looking for there, feel free to call us at 281.497.6567 or email your regular contact.


Emergency Prep Part 2: Volunteer coordination with Tendenci

In the time of a crisis, helping hands are desparately needed in a variety of activities.  You can quickly and easily coordinate volunteer efforts via your Web site’s calendar while using a tool familar to your organization, which helps with participation levels.

After posting location and activity details on your Web calendar event (read this help file), you can put a cap on the number of volunteers accepted for each event – ensuring  that you never have to turn away extra volunteers and can re-direct their energies elsewhere.

Publicize your volunteer events with e-newsletters and refine your event listings and press releases with our built-in Search Engine Optimization tools.  Tendenci’s Content Management System also makes it a snap for you to add graphics and details to pre-existing pages on your Web site updating your community on your efforts and volunteer needs.

Want more?  Read about more Tendenci emergency preparation features in the Emergency Prep Part 1:  Emergency First Responders blog post.

Hot Tip – Get fax happy with Tendenci

Save a few minutes of your day by using your Tendenci site to generate fax cover sheets for you.   Search for the sendee in your Web site’s membership database and click on the ‘Fax’ icon (see below) to get the process started.


From here you get an automatically generated fax sheet with editable fields for you to type in document page numbers, subject and notes — all with you and your contact’s information already filled in.  Just another little way that Tendenci makes your life easier…