Some Minor Updates for Tendenci – Ballots, Physical Locations, Jobs and CMS Form

As you know, we’ve been constantly updating our Tendenci modules to make your job easier. This week we are going to have some minor updates. Here is the list:

    1)  Ballots – Random Display of Candidates or Options.

When comes to elections, sometimes the order really does matter. This Ballots update will give the site administrators the option of randomizing the candidates order for each voter by simply checking the Randomly Display on the Ballots add or edit pages.


    2)  Physical Locations Import

As a site admin, the Physical Locations Import allows you to bulk add locations to your database by just a few clicks. It is linked from Physical loc. –> Reports.


    3)  Jobs – Category Option Integrated into the Jobs Add / Edit Pages

If you are familiar with the Jobs module, the categories are separated with the add and edit pages. You could select the categories only after you added the jobs. Not anymore! Now you can select the categories while you are adding or editing the jobs.


    4)  CMS Form Anonymous View

With this update, after a user completed and submitted the form, he/she will be able to view or print his/her submissions even if he/she was not logged in to the site when he/she was filling out the form.