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  1. rookie –

    you’re well on your way to becoming a rock star blogger! & i’m so honored to be mentioned in your debut blog!

    luv u!
    lala (mom)

  2. Great read – that first quote is so true in our opinion.

    It’s important to select the media that suits your circumstances and to concentrate on maintaining a higher standard of quality on them. Just having an account on every type of media you can find isn’t going to create any meaningful networking if you aren’t going fully utilize that particular media.

    For us:

    Twitter – building new personal and business relationships with people we would never have had the chance to meet otherwise.

    Facebook – a bit more quality control than Twitter. Personal and business networking and a bit more in depth.

    Myspace – Mostly to display ourselves and our ‘brand’, and to encourage contact with people who visit our page.

    Linkedin – Strictly for business networking, always good to have as an alternative to Facebook and Twitter. You need to be available to people’s differing tastes in social networking.

    YouTube – self-explanatory. Encourages contact by giving people a face-to-face experience with us.

    FriendFeed – Gives our connections an opportunity to have a stream of all our updates. A handy option for those who don’t like moving around from site to site to see what we’re up to.

    And of course, all these sites are linked to our central blog where the most detailed updates are located.

    So that’s all the media we use. Much easier to concentrate on a few than a few hundred (or so it feels like).

    Thanks again for article,

    Lynn & Justin.

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