30 Days of Thanks – THE Dallas Cowboys

AikmanYou know that moment you fall in love…

Everything becomes a little brighter. There’s a little ‘pep in your step” if you will. Your heart putters, patters, hiccups, hell it does something cool. Basically, your life has been changed forever…

The year was 1994 and I was at the ripe age of 9 when I fell in love with THE Dallas Cowboys. It was a cool autumn evening, November 7th to be exact, when my dad drove the family to Texas Stadium to watch the Cowboys take on the Giants. I remember the magnitude of it all; the fans, the noise, the cheerleaders…the feeling of being a part of something bigger than I could imagine. Unfortunately, I also remember being jealous of my brother’s Dallas Cowboys Starter jacket…it was the 90’s. Needless to say, I was there. I was there to watch Aikman throwing bullets to Irvin, Thomas Everett knocking dudes out, Emmitt Smith becoming this unstoppable train and more importantly, the Cowboys 38-10 victory.

Since that first game I have been hooked on America’s team. I realize that not a lot of people care for the Cowboys.   Some say it is the equivalent to being a Jonas brothers groupie…but if you are a diehard fan of any team, you understand that football is much more than just a game which is why I’m giving thanks.

I am thankful for the The Dallas Cowboys because….

  1. They are the reason Sunday Funday is actually fun.
  2. They can make me madder than hell, but can turn right around and crush, I don’t know…the Eagles.
  3. My high fives have become awesome.
  4. I have no outside worries when watching a Dallas Cowboys game.
  5. I truly believe the Dallas Cowboys will provide me with my future husband, Jason Witten.
  6. They play on Thanksgiving’ that is self explanatory.
  7. You will always become friends with that one other drunk Cowboys fan at the bar.
  8. They are like your child…win or lose, you will always love them.
  9. Because they are nothing like the Philadephia Eagles.
  10. I have a feeling the Dallas Cowboys love me too. I will even venture to say they are thankful for me as well.

I want to also give a little thanks to my Pops, Ol’ Russ. You are the one that took me to my first game after all. For that…you pretty much rock.

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