Boss Blog of the Month: C Pemby’s Top NFL Players on Twitter

Boss [baws, bos]

1. exemplifies a unique quality; awesome; incredible
2.   An expression from the mid 1950s, which fell from favor by the early 1960s….until now…

What does August mean to you? If you said football season, well I’d say you just earned yourself a gold star. Simply put, the world is   a better place when you spend 10 consecutive   hours, every Sunday, watching the gridiron madness.

This year more than ever, we have the ability to be a part of the game via Twitter- witnessing a player’s thoughts pre-huddle, during the 60 and after the stadium has cleared. We are not just following bloggers who love the sport; we are following the guys down on the grass, feeling the pressure in the red zone. You will find that some players will inspire, others will talk trash and the majority will misspell common words…but collectively, their micro blogs Twitter streams are most definitely boss.

C Pemby’s Top NFL Players on Twitter

Craig Terrill@TerrillMusic

Team: Seattle Seahawks

Position: Defensive Tackle

Terrill is the Defensive Tackle for the Seattle Seahawks…and let’s not kid ourselves, he’s a whole lotta’ man. While he is not on the football field, he plays in a band surprisingly called, The Craig Terrill Band.

Seahawk bowling day. I am on track for a perfect 300 right now. Pounds…that is.

If Sanchez doesn’t pull this game out he always has ‘Entourage’ to fall back on.

Ryan Grant @RyanGrant25

Team: Greenbay Packers

Position: Running Back

While he consistently over uses the acronym, ‘lol”, you can always count on Ryan Grant to provide entertaining banter with his teammates.

Everyone needs to know that @AaronRodgers12 accuracy in practice with a football is phenomenal, but with a water balloon, questionable

And honestly, anyone that can laugh out loud this much are what we call, good people.

Ive been asked twice this week by fans if I’m playing again this year lol……come on NOTHING’s CHANGED…Im coming to work lol

Jared Allen@JaredAllen69

Team: Minnesota Vikings

Position: Defensive End

Jared Allen’s twitpics speak for themselves…

Again, it was only a trim. It was starting to get a little out of control.

Chad Ochocinco@OGOchoCinco

Team: Cincinnati Bengals

Position: Wide Receiver

If you loved him on Dancing with the Stars then you will most certainly love following Ochocinco – a lover, fighter and designer shoe connoisseur. While I commend his efforts, there will never come a day where I will take a man seriously with a reality show called, “The Ultimate Catch.” Get it? He’s a wide receiver and he catches the ball…you’re so clever Chad.

New Christian Louboutin Rollerboy Spike Flats yes or no

Brian Cushing@briancushing56Team: Houston Texans

Position: Linebacker

If you are living in Houston and want to literally follow a local player – Brian Cushing is your man. He will keep you up-to-date on exactly where he is at all times which leads me to believe he is unaware of his 10,777 followers . Come on Cushing, we all know there is only one bowling alley in Bellaire (Palace Lanes).

Bowling w/ the team over in Bellaire.

Ok, your turn – tell me about an NFL player that keeps you entertained via Twitter!

13 Replies to “Boss Blog of the Month: C Pemby’s Top NFL Players on Twitter”

  1. Chad Ochocinco is a WIDE RECEIVER…..not a running back!! Come on Sis!! Need to edit this one!

    1. No Justin…you need to READ this one. I have his position correct…uh oh, do I feel an eye doctor appointment in your near future. Never question my knowledge sir!

      Thanks for the feedback brother.

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  6. Did most all football fans see the Broncos vs. the Jets this weekend? Holy cow, I think Kyle Orton and the Broncos are back on top!

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