Don’t let your emails get passed over: Customize your sender display

To show the name you want to appear in the "From" field of a
recipient’s incoming mail when sending out a newsletter you must adjust
the Sender Display field . 

What you enter in the Sender Display field will display in your email along with the new Do Not Reply email address. If
you leave Sender Display blank, only the new Do Not Reply email address will
display in the "From" field  of your recipient’s incoming mail.

This is an example of what your newsletter will look
like when it hits your recipient’s inbox if you use the Sender Display.

The Sender Display field will automatically populate when a newsletter
is created with the newsletter creator’s name.  The helpfile on how to edit your Sender Display is located here

You must be sure to include your correct address in the ReplyTo field to ensure email replies are sent to your email address.
Otherwise, they will be sent to the
and will not make it to your inbox, which would be sad.

For more information on why we use, please read our helpfile: What is