Emergency prep Part 1: Emergency First Responders

With the arrival of the 2006 hurricane season,  emergency preparedness is more important than ever.  Did you know that your Tendenci site has many built-in features to help you handle emergency situtations and communicate with your organization during a time of crisis?

Tendenci’s First Responder
module allows you to send timely and effective emergency communications to the members who need it most by granting them priority communication status on your Web site.

The module allows site users to mark their specific training or skillsets, showing you what members can assist you in what ways (pilot, photography, fireman, etc.) should the need ever arise.  Choose what skills you need and send those members your press releases and alerts first!

Tendenci’s First Responder module helps you make every minute count in an emergency situation – and it’s all already built in to your Web site

Interested in learning more?  Read our help files on Tendenci’s First Responder system or give us a call at (281) 497.6567.