Thanks, Schipul. It’s Been a Blessing!

Schipul Farewell from Albert Hughes on Vimeo.

After two and a half years, I’ve decided to pursue my long term goals and personal mission. So here’s to Schipul for the opportunity to be here to learn, teach, share, and service clients. It’s been a great experience.

5 Replies to “Thanks, Schipul. It’s Been a Blessing!”

  1. Albert, I'll miss seeing your face when I visit, but I am so excited for what your future holds!

  2. Albert – you will be missed. And I have a bunch of other stuff to say, all good, but I said it to you in person and I wish you much success! ~ Ed

  3. Al – it's only been a week and it's still hard to believe you are gone. Thanks for all the great work you put in while you were here! – JMO

  4. I’m glad I made it into the highlight reel. I appreciate you, Hughes-rhymes-with-shoes!

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