Friday Fun: Want to Win a HOUSE??

The Myelin ProjectWhat? Win a HOUSE?

Yes, it’s true folks!

One of our awesome clients, The Myelin Project has partnered with Wayne Osteen Custom Homes to Raffle off a brand new home in Amarillo, Texas.

What does The Myelin Project do and what is the raffle benefiting? The Myelin Project goal is to fund research to find a cure for diseases (such as multiple sclerosis) that attack myelin (the magic cells that protect our nerves). Your raffle ticket proceeds go to finding that cure!

The deets:

  • Tickets are $50.00 (FOR A HOUSE!)
  • Only 4500 tickets will be sold (so you have a great chance to him!)
  • The Myelin Project will draw 100 tickets  and those  100  ticket holders  are the finalists
  • The 100 finalists will participate in a  reverse raffle to select the winning ticket  and house winner
  • The giveaway will be held at the house on Sunday, October 18 (You don’t have to be present to win!)
  • The last ticket drawn will be the house winner
  • Results will  then will be posted on  The Myelin Project web site’s home page
Head on over to their registration page to get in on the action and don’t worry–There will be a slew of other awesome giveaways on top of the house so if you aren’t the big winner, you still may get something fun.
Keep in mind that even if you don’t want to live in Amarillo, you can always sell the house (and make money!!). And for a mere $50 you have done something amazing for those who suffer from those terrible diseases.