initial scans found issues, continuing lock down

A security update, and that’s what I get for being overly optimistic, but our initial scans found some issues. It is important to remember that a server that is on the Internet accepts inbound traffic on port 80 and 443, but it replies and can call out.

Our remediation plan called for building all new servers and porting the data, but if there is something that can call out once we open those ports then we are right back at ground zero. Possibly worse. And that is not acceptable.

I’ll let everyone know the minute we can let some testing begin. Maybe I’m being overly cautious at this point but given the situation, I believe it is warranted. Our current task is reconfiguring sites and we are having some challenges but are solving them one by one. (8.3 filenames get restored from backups for example and have to be removed again. That type of thing.) – Ed