It’s About to Get Awesome Up in Here! Contest Time!


Whoooo! Happy Monday, kids! After much work using our random integer counter thingy, we have an official winner of our contest that we never named!

The winner of three Dunny’s from the 2009 series is Erica Brotz! And I also promised the winner a sweet dinosaur drawing and a mix CD! So congrats, and enjoy your winnings, Erica. Be sure to send me your shipping address via Twitter or by emailing me: brandi (at) schipul (dot) com

And to everyone else, thanks for playing along! You all have killer toy collections.


If you were to walk around the Schipul office, you would spot a lot of toys and a lot of books.  Personally, I have a ton of toys, which is why I’m excited about the new 2009 Dunny series that dropped. The new designs are so rad that I broke down and bought–well, I bought a lot of them.

But hey, don’t judge me! My bad spending habits are your gain! I am giving away 3 unopened blind boxes from the 2009 series. That’s right, I am back with a new Schipul contest!


  1. In the comments below, link us to a picture of YOUR toy collection. Twitpic it, Flickr it, Picasa it, or whatever! Just send us a photo of your toy army.
  2. One entry per person.
  3. Deadline is October 9th, 2009, so make sure you get your entry in!


Tell me how pretty you think I am! Ok, just kidding. We will run our magical random integer counter thing and it will pick a commenter at random. We want to make sure everything is fair and integers are fun to play with.


Three unopened blind box Dunnys from the recently released 2009 series. If you’re nice, maybe a few extra items from our Schipul junk drawer.

And no need to take professional photos. Here are a few photos from around the office that I snapped using my iPhone:

Also, if you are interested in vinyl’s, be sure to check out these places:

  • Kidrobot‘ The leader in the field with storefronts set up in some major cities
  • My Plastic Heart‘ Yes, there is actually news about toys
  • FugitiveToys‘ One of my personal favorites to shop at. Great sales
  • Domy Books‘ For kids who are in Houston and Austin, support local!
  • Unklbrand‘ Another personal favorite! These guys have great figures and are pretty stellar.

21 Replies to “It’s About to Get Awesome Up in Here! Contest Time!”

  1. Booo…my dunny collection is all packed up from a recent move. Its small though. Thats why I think I should win…to build my collection!

    In the mean time here is the closest thing I come to a toy army…(do i get points for having the blog in the picture?)

  2. Here's my call for Aaron Long to enter. Aaron, you may be ineligible, but you should totally put a link to a picture of your office.

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