OH MiFi! What an internet connection!

Verizon Mifi Card courtesy of judybaxter on Flickr
Verizon Mifi Card courtesy of judybaxter on Flickr

You find yourself at the crossroads in Nowhereville, Arizona and your trusty iPhone 3G pulled a  Houdini  what do you do? With no blue or red pill what options do you have? Get out the old key map? Boo.. that’s old school. Let’s use Google maps!

Now you can travel anywhere and take your broadband connection with you. The Verizon MiFi card is your new partner in crime giving you a 1Mb/s download speed. You and four of your buddies can connect and watch the latest in politics while searching for a guiding light home.

This nifty piece of technology can fit in your pocket and last up to 3.5 hours with light usage (emails, surfing) and 2 hours with heavy usage (youtube, facebook, flickr). It comes with an LED indicator for battery usage, a cable to connect it to your computer for a single USB internet connection, and a power cable to recharge it on an AC outlet. The USB cable charges too.

Verizon offers a  variety  of pricing plans including pre-paid ones. You can buy 1 week worth of access capped at 300MB for $30 or you can pay $30/month for 250MB. Personally, I would use the pre-paid plans only when I go on vacation.

If you can afford the initial $269.99 this easy to use MiFi card can come to the rescue and you can be the geeky hero you have always wanted to be!

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    1. It does but Verizon seems to have pretty good coverage for 3G. I used the device driving from Houston to Mississippi and got signal the entire way. I guess the main thing is that it's a separate internet connection from your phone so hopefully one or the other gets internet.

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